Everyday Gourmet

275 Alexander Ln.
Bethpage, TN, 37022

Only recently have I come to realize how many salsa nuts are out there. Once you go beyond the supermarket shelf to sample what’s out there, you just can’t go back. Personally, I can’t get enough of the freshness in local salsa, you just can’t top it in any other food. Everyday Gourmet is another one of those salsa places you’ll only see by stopping through your local farmer’s market. As the owners put it, people come back time and again for the different flavors. After giving the salsas a try, I’m convinced that she’s onto something.

Unlike the typical salsa joint, Everyday Gourmet isn’t in the business of spicy salsa. In terms of heat, only one of the salsas has any at all, and it’s a very subtle, mild heat. These salsas are about fruity flavor; they’re sweeter than what you might be used to. The most popular flavor, and I understand it, is actually the mango salsa; and the mango is a prominent flavor in it. You really taste all of the component ingredients in the salsa – the tomatoes and mango come together nicely for a sweet/savory taste. Not far behind the mango salsa is the peach salsa; this flavor is a little more subtle, but no less good; in fact it’s sweeter. In the meantime, there’s a corn and chipotle salsa, the most savory flavor of  the salsa, and it’s great.

As I understand it, Everyday Gourmet doesn’t just sell salsa, it also sells the chips that go along with them. The tasty multicolored tortillas really are a delicacy in their own right; they’re extremely crispy, and with just enough salt to make a perfect chips-and-salsa combo. Delicious!

Flavors to try: The mango salsa is great if you’re into sweet flavors, but if you like savory or spicy salsa, don’t count out the corn salsa!


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