Opening week special: Awesome Yogurt — CLOSED

Editor’s note: As of 2017, Awesome Yogurt is closed. 
3012 Far Hills Ave.
Kettering, OH 45429
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3 stars

As a brand new business opening just this week, Awesome Yogurt comes to town at a time when frozen yogurt is all the rage, yet good places selling it are strangely absent in Kettering. Opened by local mom Naioli Fogel, the initial menu is pleasantly simple and has a wide spectrum of flavors for 45 cents and ounce. I love these self-serve yogurt places; they give you a chance to try a lot of flavors, and they get changed up often enough that you always have a reason to come back time and again. Awesome Yogurt (Awesome! Yogurt) is certainly off to a good start.

The initial ten flavors are basic as far as frozen yogurt flavors go, and that’s not a criticism at all. I really enjoy it in fact, because a lot of yogurt places like this tend to go kind of cheap on the simple flavors. The best, by far, would be the fruit yogurt. The Georgia Peach tops the list in this category. It really tastes like a fresh peach, not just an imitation. The pomegranate flavor is great, too, it’s got a very strong flavor though so I wouldn’t recommend combining it with other flavors, it will dominate them pretty quickly. The blueberry flavor is very cool and smooth, but is a pretty subtle taste.

The non-fruit flavors are also great. There is a cheesecake flavor which mixes effortlessly with any of the above mentioned fruits, while the  peanut butter yogurt has a very smooth and creamy taste to it. There is a simple flavor called “tart,” which is just like it sounds. Another of the flavors I really enjoyed was cookies and cream, a great mash-up of the traditional favorite ice cream, though I’d definitely recommend getting some cookie toppings to go along with this one…you can’t replace the cookie texture in frozen yogurt.

With a modest but effective topping bar, Awesome Yogurt has plenty of candies and fruits for you to try should you want to add something to your dessert. It’s one of the smaller topping bars, but to be honest the yogurt is good enough to stand on its own. What they’ve accomplished here really can’t be understated; good chocolate frozen yogurt is easy to come by. Good peach or pomegranate yogurt is not at all. For a brand new business, with a brand new staff, it’s very impressive.

With a nice staff that seems to consist of mostly local high schoolers, I would call Awesome Yogurt a great place to try. It’s absolutely a new business you’ll want to support.


  • The little shop has limited indoor space, limited parking and no outdoor seating, so if you can walk I would suggest it. Also, consider it’s on the corner of a very busy intersection.
  • With several low-fat and non-fat options, as well as a custom per-ounce concept, I would call this an ideal place to visit if you want something healthy.
  • Absolutely don’t miss trying the fruit flavors, they’re the best.

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