Kávé Express

500 West Main St
Hendersonville, TN 37075
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Nashville has more and more coffee places all the time; nowadays it feel like there’s one on every street corner in the city. With all the competition to tempt coffee lovers, it seems impossible that any one place could stand out. Yet, year after year, the tiny Kávé Coffee has endured in its spot in the parking lot of an Aldi grocery store. While the little shop doesn’t have the biggest menu in the world – and certainly not the traditional coffee shop atmosphere that gains other businesses a cult following – don’t count Kávé out. In fact, it may be at an advantage for its convenience.

First and foremost on the menu is the coffee. Well, I’ll put this in the most neutral way possible: the coffee beans definitely have that well-cooked flavor. People have a love-hate relationship with this kind of taste because Starbucks does it. Kávé’s coffee isn’t quite as thoroughly roasted, but I’d call it well done. I personally don’t like the bite that comes with over-roasted coffee, and I’m not a fan of Charbucks myself, but others swear by it and I’ll leave that judgment up to you to decide if it’s a strength or a flaw.

There is a menu of other drinks in addition to the coffee itself; a pleasant Italian soda and something called the Creamon, which is a soda with some other creamy ingredients. The drink has a delightful silky smooth texture about it. That’s the best Italian soda I think I’ve ever tried. Such a simple drink but it’s done so well. I’m very impressed.

The service is pretty quick, which is essential in a business like this, which is supposed to rely on speedy service for people in a rush. The service is pleasant, too, and there always seems to be a line outside, no matter the time of day or weather outside. It may not benefit from the social atmosphere of the typical coffee place, but this forces the business to rely on a more difficult thing to attract people: consistently good service.

With so many businesses coming and going from this part of town, it’s not unheard of that you might not  have noticed the little hut which has been selling coffee out of the local Aldi parking lot. It’s remained here even as so much else has come and gone. For a long time, it has had what it takes to win Nashville over. Absolutely worth a try.


  • Bear in mind this is only a drive-up and walk-up business. There are a few outdoor tables nearby in the parking lot for use, but they offer no protection from the elements at all.
  • The coffee itself is a value judgment. If you like that well-roasted flavor common to larger coffee chains, and many people do, you’ll really enjoy this.
  • Even if you’re an avid coffee drinker, give the non-coffee drinks a chance. You’re sure to like them.

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