The Cookie Store

1000 Rivergate Pkwy. Suite 1690
Goodlettsville, TN 37072

The ever-bright and cheery Cookie Store brings a delightful and simple dessert option to about 25 malls in the Midwest, among them north Nashville’s Rivergate Mall. If you absolutely need a sweet rush, they’ve got you covered with colorfully whimsical cookie creations. Don’t know what to pick? They have that covered too; half a dozen mini cookies for three bucks. How awesome is that?

With so many choices, it’s impossible to decide what to pick. Well, worry not, because all of the cookies are good. The snickerdoodle cookies have extra cinnamon, which makes them just perfect to me. Oh, and there’s a hint of nutmeg in them too. I’m sold. The oatmeal cookies have the definite distinctive taste of fresh oatmeal in them, and  the raisins add flavor and texture without being overpowering themselves. Do you like chocolate chip cookies? These are perfectly moist and crisp; a balance I love but rarely find. If that’s not enough, the chocolate chunk cookies put the chocolate into overdrive with even more of it in the cookie, yet the cookie doesn’t overwhelm. Then of course, there are a colorful set of icing cookies with various little decorations the kids will love. Or, I should say, the kids do love, as every family that passed by the place was suddenly down a child as the little cookie stand was suddenly in the crosshairs of a running, screaming little one.

Even if you prefer the simple options, the cookies here will put a smile on your face. The sugar cookies can be colorful or plain, but they’re just like the kind that mom makes at home. If you swear by the cookies with the little chocolate pieces in them, you’ll love these. They have a hint of vanilla, which isn’t overpowered by the candy.

Could you ask for a nicer group of people? The attendants were both friendly and helpful to an obvious out-of-towner like me. Southern hospitality is anything but dead. Even nicer, there’s a chance for discount sweets if you pick up an “oops” bag; broken or slightly overcooked cookies come far cheaper. Even with imperfections, the cookies are quite good.

It’s hard to ignore The Cookie Store, the cookie shop is perched right in the middle of the mall where it’s impossible to avoid the smell of goodies wafting through the halls. As unfair as it is to have to fight the temptation, they’re worth the try. I have to imagine quite a bit of the cookie shop’s business comes from impulse buyers, but once you give one a try, it’s easy to get hooked.


  • Let’s be honest: Your child won’t be able to steer clear of giant, brightly iced cookies, so you might want to consider that in your mall-going; the placement of this little stand is strategic.
  • Don’t count out the “oops bags” of mistake cookies; as good as these are, it’s still a bargain.
  • If you don’t know what to pick, consider buying a bunch of the mini cookies so you can try a variety.

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