Ed Johnson’s Honey Farm

1206 South Dickerson Road
Goodlettsville,TN 37072

One of greater Nashville’s resident beekeepers, Ed Johnson’s Honey Farm is a frequent presence of the farmer’s markets and street fairs throughout the city’s northern neighborhoods.  It’s a family affair, a husband and wife team selling jars of honey in an unassuming tent. But this honey is a more creative take on the basic product. And not in a simple, novelty sort of way either; this is the kind of honey that you’ll want to come back for and sample. Again and again.

Having seen an increasing number of local honey providers with this same business model, I’m used to the business model by now; some wax figures and a few “classic” honey flavors, like cinnamon or chocolate. Occasionally you’ll find something like raspberry. But have you ever had blueberry honey? It’s delicious. Ed Johnson’s did a great job of making a set of unique flavors, both for honey straws and the jars of sticky sweet goodness. The basic honey flavor is a little on the savory side; of course you can picture what honey tastes like, but it’s a deeper and stronger flavor, the sweetness isn’t as prominent.

There are two kinds of people, you see: The kind who really don’t want anything new or special in  their honey, and the kind who absolutely must try every new flavor they can. Whichever you are, you’ll find what you’re looking for here: a classic variety with an impressive depth of flavor, and a diverse variety of flavored honey, each with a simple and candylike quality. The only question left, how many different things taste good with honey on them? Try this stuff and maybe you’ll be tempted to find out.

Flavors to try: The blueberry honey has a very candy like flavor. Besides, where else have you tried blueberry honey?


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