Mt. Carmel Brewing Company

 4362 Mt. Carmel-Tobasco Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45244       

Built out of a small farmhouse in Cincinnati’s eastern foothills, Mt. Carmel Brewing Company has a pretty aggressive campaign of marketing its bottled beers in stores all over the Dayton and Cincinnati region. It’s a pretty branding effort, too, because the beer fits in snugly with other, larger brands. If you weren’t familiar with the area, it might otherwise be easy to overlook. Well, I’m here to tell you: You don’t want to overlook this beer.  Cincinnati should be very proud to call this place its own.

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  • Nut Brown Ale: Mt. Carmel has a menu of five core beers as well as a menu of some different seasonal options. Among the five, I’m definitely going to have to say the Nut Brown Ale is the best. It’s got a rich and pleasant flavor with a full body which is spectacular. I’ve heard nutty beers are best as seasonal flavors in the summer and winter, but this beer is good all year round.
  • Amber Ale: A close second; it’s got that strong, forward taste you expect from Amber beers, yet it’s very smooth. There’s a blonde ale and an India Pale Ale, which are also good. The fifth beer is a stout, but I have to say that I’ve never been able to find it anywhere.
  • Coffee Brown Ale: Another sturdy mid-ranged beer from Mt. Carmel, this one features a distinct coffee depth and some deep and very satisfying notes. Good to mull for awhile. 

The seasonal flavors I see on the menu now are the Winter Ale, the Springtime Ale, and the Summer Wheat Ale. The springtime ale has the same appeal that the Nut Brown Ale does; it’s good all the time. It doesn’t necessarily make me think of summer. To me that’s a good thing; I don’t like to think food is only good a certain time of the year. At the same time, I know some people like a beer that makes them think of summer. Or winter. I’m not into that, I guess.

I’ve never been to the farmhouse where they brew the beer, though I would love to go some time and give it a try. As I understand it, there are some specials you can only get by giving it a visit; they sometimes offer specials and discounts on pints, and when certain seasonal brews are out of season, they can be found there. Best to ask on their Facebook page, though.  Altogether, though, you don’t have to go to the place to appreciate its product. Mt. Caramel beer is definitely worth a try. It’s great to see so many new microbreweries coming up in this part of Ohio


  • The Nut Brown Ale seems to be the most highly regarded, in addition to being my personal favorite. I suggest that one as your first buy.
  • Keep a lookout for the seasonal beers; there is a different one to correspond to each season.
  • There is a sizable selection of beers at such local places as Jungle Jims and local food markets, but look out for it at bigger chains like Kroger, as well.

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