Vegetarian review: Donato’s Pizza

Donato's PizzaAll this month, Another Food Critic is taking a special look at the vegetarian options on local restaurants’ menus. To learn more, click here.

Pizza places have kind of an unfair advantage as far as vegetarian food goes. Ninety five percent of the formula for the food is completely interchangeable and can be every bit as good with or without vegetables. Refreshingly, though, there is a huge amount of variety in the vegetable pizzas I’ve tried. Enter Donato’s, a chain of about 200 restaurants mostly in Ohio. They’re the ones who have commercials with a thousand pepperonis atop every pizza. With an ad campaign like that, could they be any good with veggie pizza?

In a word, yes.

Donato’s has plenty of vegetables to try on its pizzas. Most of its pizzas have enough vegetables on them, at least, that it’s just fine to ask for a premium pizza without the meat and still have a great pizza. Either way, the veggie pizza, simple titled “Vegy” has a delicious and lingering flavor. It’s loaded with Mushrooms, Roma tomatoes, green peppers, onions and green olives as well as Provolone cheese. The veggies are crisp, and the crust is thin. Cut into small slices, it’s a natural choice to nibble on and avoid overdoing yourself.

So, that’s the only pizza that is strictly veggie, but the rest of the pizzas are usually one ingredient or two away from a great vegetarian pizza. I’m a fan of the very refreshing Chicken Spinach Mozzarella and the Mariachi Beef with its spiciness. Granted the meat does add something, but ask for the pizza without it, and you’ll like it anyway, I suspect.

Donato’s also has some non-pizza items, such as a veggie sub and some veggie breadsticks, which I love. Wedge fries for a salty snack, and timpanos for desert. While they aren’t as healthy, they are delicious. Donatos is worth (at least one) try, veggiephiles.

Donatos Pizza on Urbanspoon (In Dayton)
Donatos Pizza on Urbanspoon (In Cincinnati)


3 thoughts on “Vegetarian review: Donato’s Pizza

  1. This is a very timely subject. Many top restaraunts are concentrating on sustainable foods. What better sustainable food than produce. The original vegetarian pizza being the Margherita, pure and simple, tomatoe, cheese, basil and dough. And when done well, oh so good.

    “Keep on cookin'”


  2. I loved the vegy at Donatos with the green olive though the last time I ordered it it was horable!! They took away the green olives and put spinach. It is awful. I asked to substitute the spinach for green olives and they no longer have them in the store. So very disappointed. Now I need to find another pizza place for my vegy. Any suggestions?

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