Vegetarian review: LaRosa’s Pizza

All this month, Another Food Critic is taking a special look at the vegetarian options on local restaurants’ menus. To learn more, click here. For the original review of LaRosa’s Pizza, click here.

LaRosa’s Pizza and a vegetarian diet are easily compatible from the beginning, as vegetarians need lots of fresh and creative ideas for vegetable dishes to keep things creative, while LaRosa’s distinguishes itself by having a lot of very fresh-tasting vegetables on its pizzas. I spent my whole life until now gorging on LaRosa’s meat-centric pizzas like any proper native Cincinnatian. It would almost be sad to think of giving that up, until I looked at the latest menu.

What have I been doing this whole time? I did not know what I was missing out on.

Among several delicious vegetarian pizza options is the Garden Garlic Pesto, a tasty alternative loaded with fresh garlic, spinach, and artichokes. Wow is that a good pizza. It’s got a very Italian feel to it. I tried the pizza twice, once the ingredients were incidentally more chopped up and distributed on the pizza, and it made a world of a difference. Every bite is another fresh taste of vegetables, and overall it’s the kind of thing that you can eat and love without ever realizing it was vegetarian.

That said, the pizza can be a little greasy, which is only a problem if you’re specifically looking for a healthy meal. But even then, it’s easy to get rid of a little of that grease with a napkin and lose none of the flavor. I’ve never liked pizza that required me to do that, but then again, there were a lot of ideas I had about vegetarian pizza before LaRosa’s changed my mind.

Flavors to try: Garden Garlic Pesto pizza is GREAT. Florentine Focaccia pizza is also good.

Larosa's Pizzeria Centerville on Urbanspoon — 291 East Alex-Bell Road, Centerville, OH
Larosa's on Urbanspoon — 7691 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati, OH


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