Vegetarian review: Smashburger

All this month, Another Food Critic is taking a special look at the vegetarian options on local restaurants’ menus. To learn more, click here. For the original review of Smashburger, click here.

Smashburger traditionally has a fairly simple menu which relies on a great deal of customization. Fortunately, then, for the vegetarian, there’s a black bean burger option which can be switched into any of the other burgers on the menu. The burger itself is fresh and crumbly. It’s just about the freshest black bean burger I’ve ever tried; if its frozen there’s certainly no indication of that.

I would contend that as-is, there aren’t a lot of intentionally healthy burger items on the menu , but then again Smashburger has never really opted to be healthy food. They don’t have a lot of sides, and most of them are very fried. Smashfries and French fries and sweet potato fries. Fried peppers and fried shoestring onions. I suppose you don’t realy need the sides, since the burger is pretty filling, but they would have made a nice option. Regardless, I would say Smashburger is in fact a place where a vegetarian could go to enjoy a meal, and maybe even a burger on the healthier side.

All told, it’s a little bit of a shame that the place doesn’t make healthier food, but that’s never been its intention. Still, it’s refreshing for the burger to be so customizable that it’s worth coming back for and trying it with different sets of toppings. It was an easy move, but with the effort the restaurant has gone to in ensuring the burger is fresh has made it a world of a difference.

Flavors to try: You might need to order the burger minus a few ingredients to be healthy, but the black bean burger goes very well with all the traditional Smashburger options.

 Smashburger (York Commons) on Urbanspoon


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