Dayton Beer Company

Dayton Drinking Guide912 East Dorothy Lane
Kettering OH 45419

The product of a fortunate change to Ohio’s laws regarding microbreweries, Dayton Beer Company is among the first of these niche businesses to open in this city. According to the new laws, such a microbrewery can operate a “tasting room” – not a bar necessarily – with hours more like a regular restaurant, where people can come and try the beers. This has allowed little craft beer businesses like this one into the retail sector, where they can be infinitely more successful. Dayton Beer Company was founded in 2010 as an online-only business, but with these new developments I think the prospect is very good for this business to be successful.

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The company has begun the process of brewing a lot of different beers with the intention to market them all over the place; some will only be available in the Dorothy Lane tasting room, while others will be offered only in other local bars, as a way to spur business for them, as well. The beers which have launched the business so far are excellent, definitely a refreshing take on conventional styles.

  • Hawthorn Hill Hefeweizen: Among the first of the new brews are the  Hawthorn Hill Hefeweizen, which is a very savory flavor, with a lot of body.
  • Patterson Pale Ale: The Patterson Pale Ale is impressive too, as it lacks that distinct smoky bitterness other pale ales often have which turn me off from that type of beer.
  • Rising River Porter: My favorite of the brews. Really, all of them share a common “theme” in that they are very full bodied without being overly frothy and they really benefit from a milder taste.
  • Mad Wolf Pale Ale: A newer pale, this ale has a distinct hoppiness to it, though it is lighter in body and has a cleaner finish than an IPA or hoppier beer.

The atmosphere of the tasting room is great. While it’s a little too crowded to be comfortable inside, there is definitely an air of passion about the staff and patrons; people chat about beer preparation styles and microbrewing. For a place that just opened, it alreqady feels so naturally comfortable, as if the business has been a mainstay for decades and the old-timers are reminiscing about the way things have always been.

What’s better, the outside porch is a very friendly little spot to take some friends to enjoy the beer. Dayton Beer Company doesn’t make its own food, though it does sell snacks, and it seems welcoming enough to allow you to bring food from nearby food places onto its porch.


  • The beer company will eventually bottle and sell some of its beers, but as of now these aren’t available yet.
  • Also keep in mind that some of the beers will be exclusive to other bars and businesses — it’s a move designed to get you into other local bars. Try it!
  • Also keep in mind that this is not a bar, it is a tasting room, and doesn’t have accommodations for large groups.

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