Another Food Critic celebrates two years!

As of yesterday, Another Food Critic is two years old!

It’s been a very busy year for me here as AFC has continued to grow and thrive; I’ve brought you another 147 reviews; with well over 27,000 hits this year alone. Another Food Critic now has reviews of numerous tasty locales in six states. I’m happy to say this has been a busy year for the site. Another Food Critic’s work now appears regularly in the Dayton Daily News and Dayton B2B Magazine as well as The Independent Restaurateur. Reception from local restaurant owners has been huge this year, and some thousands of new visitors have come from restaurant shares in various social media sites.

My work has seen a lot of change this year, as I gained and then lost weight and ran a half marathon, before I refocused the subject of this site to be more geared toward healthy foods and more exacting reviews. I’ve also overhauled the site to be more image-centered and friendly to social media users. Another Food Critic can now be found on Urbanspoon, Twitter, and more. People continue to be supportive on-site and throughout social media. Thanks for making Another Food Critic so successful!

Looking forward, here are some things you can expect in this upcoming year:

  • More Ohio-focused work: Another Food Critic has continued to focus on Ohio’s cities, and I regularly get huge numbers of hits from Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton and Athens all at once. I’ll be redoubling my efforts to make this site the preeminent source for your food 411 in those cities!
  • Better photos: Yes, I have long sought this as an area for improvement. Suffice it to say, things will be getting much better very soon.
  • More cool stuff I can’t talk about yet. Yes. Awesome things are in the works. You’ll have to stay tuned.

But what AFC will not be changing is its dedication to bringing you the best reviews for south Ohio and beyond. Thanks for reading!

As always, feel free to give me a shout out by comment, Twitter, or email at Look for more updates and some exciting new changes to the site in the coming days.


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