Taqueria Mixteca

1609 East Third St.
Dayton, OH 45403
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Just east of downtown Dayton, Taqueria Mixteca is a hole-in-the-wall that you’d hardly notice if you drove past it. It’s far from the nicest parts of town where the gourmet chefs dream of $100 wine bottles and Michelin stars, but Taqueria Mixteca is the epitome of the service of online reviews: everybody seems to love this place. The glowing reviews are many. Having read them after the fact, I’ve found a lot of the strengths and weaknesses that so many others have acclaimed all have merit. This place makes some seriously good ethnic food.

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Just about everything they put on your plate here is homemade, and it is delicious.

  • Carne asada: The carne asada is juicy and cooked perfectly, though it can be a little tough if you let it sit too long. The refried beans are amazing; cooked perfectly and the right amount of sweet. It makes you want more.
  • Chips and salsa: The really great thing is Taqueria Mixteca has a few kinds of salsa it serves; the appetizer chips and salsa have a pasty-spicy variety that goes well on the homemade chips, and there’s a very fresh salsa served with the main courses; chopped tomatoes, onions and peppers topped with avocados.
  • Beef tongue tacos: A signature dish here at the Taqueria. The beef tongue is a delicate kind of meat but it’s cooked to a perfect softness here and served with a heavy dose of cilantro. Perfect.
  • Shrimp tacos: These tacos have a lighter hand with a nice tomato and onion chop and a little bit of cilantro. Fair and nimble.
  • Barbacoa tacos: This kind of beef gets its own mix of spices but heavy on the onion and cilantro which is a good look. I love it.
  • Sopes: A Mexican dish with a thick tortilla topped with meat and veggies. Very filling! But an inexpensive option for lunch.
  • Pozole: A Spanish homey soup, with a ton of chicken and veggies in a velvetey tomato base. Comfort even on hot days.

There are a few kinds of sauces that come with the food, too. One is a spicier, thicker mayo-like topping for burritos (which, by the way, are perfect lunch size and really cheap for the good food.) and there are two sweeter and more savory sauce. The certainly haven’t reinvented the wheel with these dishes, but they’re really outstanding and economical street taco stand-type foods. What’s better, there is a drive-thru option if you want it even more convenient.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is good; it’s a small place, sitting in a building that used to be another restaurant, and the seating is a little old. Still, the people are extremely friendly. They seem to have quite a few impassioned regulars with whom they were very friendly, but since I’d never been there they weren’t the same way with me. What’s more, the service was slow in spite of trying the place during a slow time. It’s an inconsistency and unfortunately it really hurts the experience.

I’ve never heard of this place before I tried it, and I’m really wowed about that. Taqueria Mixteca really epitomizes the hole-in-the-wall Mexican food, and a very humble atmosphere. I’m glad the owners are looking to expand the business by adding more locations. There’s a lot of hype surrounding the unassuming little joint at 1609 East Third Street, and if you haven’t tried it already, you should definitely make a visit to see what it’s all about.


  • There is a drive-thru option for food on the go.
  • The food is fresh and tasty, I would definitely recommend one of the fresh beef or carne dishes if you’re looking for something really tasty.
  • The burritos are perfectly sized, convenient and cheap too.

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2 thoughts on “Taqueria Mixteca

  1. Love the Tacqueria. It should also be noted that the restaurant has a lot of seafood options that are missing from the standard Tex-Mex joints in the area. And it also has some “exotic” traditional dishes available on the weekends. Yes it can be a little slow but in the many times I have been there it has never been slow enough to make me upset so IMO it does not hurt the experience. If you are in that big of a hurry maybe you should just go to Taco Bell. 😉

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