OinkADoodleMoo Smoky BBQ

3910 Far Hills Ave.
Dayton, OH 45429

One of Dayton’s few resident Barbecue joints, OinkADoddleMoo Smoky BBQ has three locations and a food truck, all catering to diners in the Dayton area. With a brightly-colored and cheery environment, it almost seems like a restaurant for kids. Indeed, the atmosphere of the restaurant is welcoming to barbecue lovers of all ages, but the flavors and delicious smoky barbecue sold here will really appeal to the tasty meat fanatic. It’s got all the ritz and clean concept of a corporate chain, but as of now, OinkADoodleMoo really enjoys the benefits of a hometown restaurant.

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The meats OinkADoodleMoo makes are delicious. The beef brisket is smoked and tender, it can be packed into a sandwich or served by itself, which is really best way to do barbecue. The pork is prepared with the same finesse. The pulled pork melts in your mouth like butter. You couldn’t ask for a better texture in the meat. Served with it is a few options for sauce; “smoky sweet” has a lot of sweet but not a lot of smokiness. Sizzlin’ will leave your mouth with a warm heat, while there’s also a pleasant mustard-based sauce and a tangy vinegar base.

What’s barbecue, of course, without the sides of comfort food? OinkADoodleMoo has old-fashioned green beans, corn pudding, baked beans, mac and cheese, cole slaw, and a very creative roasted potato side. While I do like that there are simple chips and fruit if none of these things appeal to you, I’m unfortunately not impressed by the sides. While the mac and cheese seems to have a lot of thought put into it, it’s not a very deep flavor. In fact, it’s pretty basic. As for the potatoes, they’ve got a decent flavor, but they’re almost unbearably greasy. Even a small bowl of them has a pool of grease and grit at the bottom, which is entirely unappealing.

The atmosphere is the restaurant is quaint. It’s got sort of a log cabin feel to the interior; the furniture is wood and it’s got kind of a dank feel; I like it. The restaurant has an efficient walk-up concept with a clear menu. It’s got nice people manning the front area, and if you come in during the quiet hours, it’s a really very positive experience of a meal.

In summation, OinkADoodleMoo has a great product, and a great atmosphere. It’s got the feel of a hometown restaurant where you can take the family to enjoy some really good food. It’s absolutely worth a chance.


  • The meats have an excellent texture, particularly the beef and pork options. I have to recommend them, though the sauces are equally good.
  • The sides aren’t spectacular, I think, but the green beans and corn pudding are a safe bet.
  • There are also “family dinner” packs if you’re into feeding a large group, but they can cost a pretty penny for larger packs.

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8 thoughts on “OinkADoodleMoo Smoky BBQ

  1. I think the potatoes are delicious! They have a lot of flavor and perfect with the tasty slaw and sauce on them! Try it, you’ll love it!

  2. you are a food critic wow you don’t have no taste at all go back to school the side are fantastic my mom talls me dont quit your day job but you please do

  3. I love the review.
    I have been a fan of “Oinks” (as I call it) since the beginning.
    I must also respectfully disagree with your dislike of the “baby bakers”. I love them and have introduced them to many friends and family members over the past couple years. So far everyone has loved them.
    Awesome food!!! Now let’s get one in Huber Heights!!

  4. Is this some kind of paid advertisement? If you are comparing this place to McDonald’s it’s pretty good. But if you’re comparing it to pretty much any other BBQ joint in the Miami Valley it sucks.

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