Winan’s Fine Chocolates & Coffees

10 West Main St
Troy, OH 45373
websiteWinan's (Beavercreek, OH)

Downtown Troy is chock full of nice little stores and shops that sell just about anything you could imagine. Really, it’s the epitome of the pleasant, old-fashioned main street. So it’s easy to spot a place like Winian’s Fine Chocolates and Coffees, just a stone’s throw from the town square. The store’s six locations are all similarly located in nice areas of the towns between Dayton and Columbus, and they sell fancy, artisan java product alongside a delicious variety of candies. Sweet and indulgent. Besides, coffee and chocolate goes hand-in-hand, right?

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So, the coffee drinks are first and foremost pleasantly sweet. The beans are from Kenya, Sumatra, Costa Rica, and Columbia, and indeed the house blend is all four beans together.

  • The coffee: varieties forego subtle flavors or textures in favor of bolder, sweeter coffee with a candy-like aroma. There’s an overall theme of candylike coffees with the Highlander Grogg containing a fair flavoring of butterscotch and caramel, and the snickerdoodle brew has a very distinct aroma of cinnamon and hazelnut. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ve found the right coffee. It tastes great black, and is easily enhanced by whatever sweetener you like.
  • Latte: Frothy and wonderful. A nice light drink. But a little whipped cream on top is perfect.
  • The chocolates: are in the same vein, bold and sweet. The chocolate melts in your mouth; it’s extremely smooth and very rich. Inside, there are a tasty few options; the peanut butter in the buckeyes  just melts in your mouth. Just when you thought you couldn’t get a sweeter and more sumptuous chocolate, the amazing caramels make you think again. With the various types of nuts, toffee, and brittle, you’re bound to find something you like. If not, give the “Karamel Kisses” a try. 
  • Muffins: I like the blueberry muffin, it’s a bit more chunky than the typical muffin, and blueberry spread throughout. I also like the Cinnamon muffin. This one is all cinnamon, throughout with an assertive sweetness. Perfect to match with your morning coffee.
  • Peanut butter egg: Happy Easter! This wonderful thick egg has a thick and slightly crunchy peanut butter filling. Sweet, chocolaty and kind of a delightful thing for a holiday.
  • Buckeyes: That rich and sweet chocolate takes the cake. Not too waxy, not too sugary.

The concept itself is great; the place forgoes the coffee shop vibe and seems like more of a chocolatier’s showroom. Seating is minimal unfortunately, but Winan’s seems to favor its chocolate business over the whole coffee concept. That’s a shame.

The people are very pleasant. Winan’s is quickly becoming a chain with regional notability, but it’s still got that very pleasant feel of main street. It’s really very wonderful to see a place like Winan’s grow and expand; with such an unassuming and quaint little concept, it’s the kind of business you really enjoy stumbling upon while wandering along the local main street. I would absolutely recommend this store to a friend or colleague: it’s got an addictive pleasantness about it.


  • Parking is at a premium in the type of small-town areas where you find Winan’s candies, since they’re usually around historic downtown areas.
  • Keep in mind that a lot of the candies, coffee and treats are also sold online via the website. It might make things easier when you get hooked!
  • The candy might be the big draw for the business, but I really suggest the coffee. I think it’s really great.

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