Walt’s Homemade Salsa

P.O. Box 308
Miamisburg, Ohio 45343

The more I write about food, the more I realize just how many local food businesses there are around the area that I never find out about. A lot of great people sell great foods in places you’d easily miss; corner shops, street fairs, or just online. Without a supermarket to make things easy, how else would you know where to look?

Such is the conundrum that strikes me when I taste Walt’s Homemade Salsa. Founders Walt and Cassie Major are everyday Miamisburg residents whose love of salsa prompted them to make their own. And it is good.

All they sell is salsa, but you’ll be thoroughly impressed with what you taste. There’s just so much going on in every bottle; it’s got fresh corn, beans, and tomatoes, but on top of that it’s also got a number of herbs and spices and about a million other vegetables. The end result is a very savory salsa with a kick to it. There are four levels of heat, and I thoroughly suggest heat rookies stick to the mild. Medium is pleasantly warm, hot is serious business, and “X-hot” is only for the toughest tongues. Each comes with a different mixture of jalapeno and Habanero peppers. I got a bottle and almost finished the thing on chips alone because I liked it so much, but I have a few recipes in mind for the next bottle.

As I understand it, Walt’s recipe is all homemade; he got started on his salsa business after testing it among friends and getting good feedback; as a result it’s hard to find outside of a few local stores and street fests…for now, anyway. Get a bottle of this stuff the next chance you get. It’s worth the investment.

Flavors to try: I would really suggest starting at “Medium” and going up. There’s a very strong difference in spice between the four versions.


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