Talegator’s Pub & Grill (CLOSED)

Editor’s note: As of June 2013, Talegator’s has closed and been demolished.
6270 Far Hills Ave.
Centerville, OH 45459
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Along Centerville’s central stretch, Talegator’s Pub & Grill is a definite dive bar. It’s got a spacious interior and tables all over the place, but the clientele is a hefty group of locals from all around the area. There aren’t any colleges or major entertainment nearby, so the demographic definitely skews to the older crowd; the younger crowd tends to find their way up the highway instead. Well, Talegator’s has good, strong drinks and a very laid back atmosphere, and it has a hefty dose of good bar food to pair with that.

The Pub’s menu is about as cut and dry as bar food comes: there are wings, nachos, and a variety of fried foods to eat while watching sports or enjoying karaoke night. The wings are great: they’re huge and the house sauce is a very spicy base flavor which goes great with beer. They’re better than the average bar, for sure. The other things are about average: the nachos are about a mile high with vegetables and enough cheese, meat, and chips to make a meal for two. The fries are good and crispy.

The atmosphere is nice, with a central bar in the middle with a patio out front and a third area of tables and billiards. It’s definitely designed to bring out both low-key drinkers and families alike. As one of few real bars in the immediate vicinity, it does plenty of that. It’s a little strange, I’ll admit, that sometimes the two groups find themselves in the same space. The bar also seems like it could use an update; things are a little dirty in some of the interior areas and a renovation would make it nicer. The parking lot needs an update, too, but at least it’s well-lit.

I’ll admit this is a place I do enjoy visiting occasionally because its atmosphere is so low-key. Dayton is overcrowded with flashy, unnecessarily expensive bars that tend to attract young people but force you to buy eight-dollar drinks. It’s refreshing, then, to have a bar where the food is huge and filling to complement a clientele that isn’t interested in the hype down the highway. That said, the people here are great too, they’re extremely friendly and helpful, and they get drink orders taken care of quickly though food can take a little longer. If friendly, quiet-type dive bars filled with low-key locals are your kind of scene, you would definitely enjoy your experience here.


  • The food is a pretty uncreative number of bar cuisine iterations, but they’re big and pretty modestly priced. The wing sauce is great, too.
  • Though the bar is the centerpiece of the interior, there is definitely a focus on families and local patrons as opposed to a purely drinking establishment.
  • The people are pretty laid back too; you can probably get them to make you food later in the night than most other places if you ask nicely.

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