La Piazza (CLOSED)

Editor’s note: As of 2018, La Piazza is closed.
2 North Market Street
Troy, OH 45373

Ritzy and upscale, La Piazza Pasta and Grill is an Italian eatery with a concept for the finer things. The Troy, Ohio restaurant is far from the busy downtown Dayton markets and consumers, but this I-75 corridor town has a lot of charm on its own. La Piazza is certainly among Troy’s crown jewels, it’s got a seriously delicious and unique take on Italian food and it’s a must-try if you’re hungry for some local culture. La Piazza’s got a lot going for it; it’s got a bar and an outdoor porch; prime real estate at the very center of town.

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La Piazza’s food is outstanding. The pastas are fresh (I wish they made their own pasta, though) and the ingredients are fresher. My favorite Italian dish, the fettuccine Alfredo, is a refreshing bowl of pasta in a creamy sauce and served with grated Parmesan cheese. The best pasta, though, is the Mediterranean spaghetti: This is a dish you won’t find anywhere else. It’s entirely different from the kind you’re used to at Americanized places, topped with spinach, pine nuts, olives, feta cheese, tomato and lemon juice. It’s got a very fresh flavor; overwhelmingly fresh with a little salt and a very Neapolitan flavor.

Every dish comes with a salad, which is good. It’s not the best but the house dressing is a unique and savory vinaigrette which goes very well. The house bread is tasty but I’m not sure it’s made in-house.

That’s not all; the bar actually has a neat and unusual charm to it: This is one of few bars that has Guinness beer on tap and pours it according to the beermaker’s very stringent instructions. It’s really odd, but delicious: The beer is served at about room temperature, and unbelievably smooth. The froth literally has the texture of mousse. I know it sounds like a weird little thing to get passionate about, but this is literally the smoothest beer I have ever tasted. The sizable wine collection has some very good options as well, matching the pasta dishes with refinement and charm.

The atmosphere is amazing; it’s a very comfortable place with a variable dynamic; the bar and outdoor patio are definitely casual and social environments, but the interior has a pleasant and low-lit aura with classical decor to make it an appropriate fine dining establishment too. I’d normally be confused by such a decor, but here it seems to go together just fine. It’s the central theme to La Piazza: Great food and a great mood, a trip here is no less than an outstanding experience.


  • If you beat the lunch rush in summertime, you’ll be able to get a seat on the porch, which has a view of downtown Troy’s very fancy centerpiece.
  • Also, you’ll want to come early because parking is at a real premium in this part of town.
  • Try the pasta dishes, they’re the best thing here.

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