Romeo’s Pizza

3602 Wilmington Pike
Kettering, OH 45429

Since at least 2002, Romeo’s Pizza has been winning awards for its tasty pizza as it has slowly expanded to all of the major cities across Ohio. Now, with about 30 locations, Romeo’s seeks to become a local household name, and accolades have continued to pour in from local media. A new alternative to the big pizza delivery chains is here, and they’ve got more on the menu than pizza.

Romeo’s Pizza is still a take-out only place; only a few of its locations even offer in-house seating. This simplifies things, of course, because ordering in brings the food to the comfort of your home, unfortunately it also means the food will always take longer to get from the oven to your plate. At a good restaurant, this isn’t a big deal; it’s not like it ruins the food. But at a place like this, unfortunately, delivery time really chips away at the quality of the experience.

The pizza items themselves are tasty; liberal amounts of toppings and plenty of cheese, atop a very delicious and buttery crust. A little too greasy, though. The stuff is always laden in butter, which really makes it uncomfortable when we’re talking about a delivery business; everything gets a little soggy after the car ride, it’s frustratingly inevitable. The non-pizza things aren’t as spectacular. The subs are pretty basic. They have the right amount of toppings, but in all it’s basically unremarkable. There are plenty of better subs to be had around. I will say, though, that I tried the jalapeno poppers and they were great. Just spice enough to have a little kick, but not so much that they’re uncomfortable to eat. And unlike the other stuff, they stayed crispy and delicious after delivery, and tasted really, really great. Not healthy though. Come to think of it, the only deliberately healthy options you have here are salads, which are pretty plain.

I can’t say enough how the pizza really is good. It’s got a unique style and a taste that stands out. Holistically, though, Romeo’s Pizza has a lot of room for improvement. Pizza fanatics flock to a place like this, probably rightfully so, in order to try a pizza which seems to have attracted quite a bit of attention. The pizza itself may be great, and it may well have deserved those awards, indeed. But when it comes down to it, there just aren’t enough non-pizza items with that same level of quality, and what does stand out is really ruined when the only way to taste it is 30 minutes out of the oven. My feelings on this place, at least, are go pizza or go bust.


  • Only a few locations of Romeo’s Pizza have dining rooms. Check online, but you’ll probably be getting it delivered.
  • The pizza items are great, I would say to give them a try. If you don’t necessarily want a pizza though, this might not be the right place to try.
  • Avoid if you’re looking for something healthy. This is strictly indulgence food.

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