Dragon China

3065 South Dixie Highway
Moraine, OH 45439
website2 stars

There are a lot of Chinese restaurants around central Dayton, but Dragon China stands out in a very outstanding way: they aim to make a healthier Chinese food. A lot of people say they do this, but at Dragon China, it’s far more apparent. Vegetables are steamed instead of stir fried, and even the fried dishes are subject to less breading and more alternative cooking styles that save on grease. It’s not the type of stuff that you’ll find too healthy to be good, but it’s a nice middle ground compared to the other Chinese alternatives around town.

Even better: they deliver. At long last, you can get something other than pizza at your doorstep.

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The menu of Dragon China is pretty extensive, and contains a healthy amount of pork, beef, seafood, and vegetable dishes, most of which have different kinds of sauces. Invariably, many of the dishes are similar to what you’d find at any other place. There are the basic Chinese Food essentials like lo mein, fried rice and egg foo young. The dishes, in fact, have a noticeable departure from what other places seem to have as the norm. Chinese cuisine, is often overembellished with sugar- and butter-wicking sauces, but Dragon China holds back on that. Even the fried foods are breaded very minimally, and everything is heavy on the vegetables; you won’t find many dishes without a big helping. Unfortunately, they still stick with white rice, the great vacuum of nutrients. I wish they’d forgo it for a healthier alternative.

The noodles are delicious; the lo mein dishes are great; garnished with seared meat and fresh vegetables, they’re very tasty. The number of chef’s specials include delicious empress chicken, with a sweet house sauce which goes very well with the veggies and rice. Other options include the Sha Cha Chicken, which is more savory with a darker sauce, and other traditional Chinese things. There are combination platters which come with rice and egg rolls, but everything you order is a hearty two meals. You definitely get your money’s worth.

The delivery service is a real conundrum to me. The first time I ordered a meal, it took 70 minutes to get to my front door, which was a real problem. The second time, though, it got to me in 20 minutes.All told, Dragon China has a lot of great stuff going for it, but it’s got room for improvement. I would certainly say I’ll be getting their food again, but that’s a fact more so because of convenience than anything else.


  • Take advantage of the delivery option, but keep in mind the delivery times vary drastically.
  • This is a good compromise if you’re hoping for a Chinese dish that is a little lighter, but still tasty. It’s not health food at all, but things are made with care to not be excessively fatty.
  • The standard Chinese fare is the best stuff to try here.

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