Frost Cupcake Bar (CLOSED)

Editor’s Note: As of 2014, Frost Cupcake Bar is closed.
153 South Main Street
Springboro, OH 45066
Facebook page

 With what is now two locations, in Springboro and Lebanon, Frost Cupcake Bar has accomplished a truly amazing feat: a successful cupcake store in a small town. Cupcakes are all the rage these days, but these south Dayton suburbs already have plenty of established bakeries for sweet tooth locals. I’m very glad to say, though, that the new kid on the block has established itself as a worthy competitor to the local mainstays. For such a limited concept, Frost really specializes in making sweet and fancy treats.

Wow. I really like these cupcakes.

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So, Frost Cupcake Bar is a pretty simple establishment. They sell cupcakes and nothing else; but the beauty of the concept is that they are fully customizable cupcakes. There are a few basic kinds of cake, about a dozen kinds of frosting to top things off, and then there are a variety of fruits, nuts, syrups, and other things like that to top off the confections. The cake is outstanding. Easily the best cupcake I’ve ever had. It’s not too sweet, so it really forms a great base and a background flavor for the toppings. The fruits and toppings are fresh. Personally, I find the icing a little too sweet, but I suppose this is a matter of opinion. Anyway, they don’t overdo it on the icing, so it all ends up evening out in the end.

Though Frost seems to avoid imposing certain types of cupcakes on you, it does have a neat little feature: Every week, owners Zandra Thomas and Aly Moss come up with a unique theme of about seven kinds of cupcakes, and then they sell that theme for one week only, announcing it on their social media pages to great fanfare. It’s a clever way to keep the audience engaged, and they always seem to do a good job at making a tasteful and interesting set of cupcakes. Nothing too over the top, nothing overly sweet, everything still very pretty. It’s awesome.

The atmosphere of Frost is ingenious. The owners are deliberately avoiding large commercial areas as they expand to new locations; instead, they’re banking on the hospitality of old downtowns on the edges of Dayton and Cincinnati. These are the kinds of places you wouldn’t think would bring in people in quantity, but it means a different kind of customer walks through the door: families, groups of people strolling around on weekends, and kids from the local schools. Actually, it seems to be a successful way to get a loyal base of people. Really, it’s a creative way to look at things.

In all though, I’m excited to see such a cool upstart come to Springboro. I really hope Frost continues to expand on its delicious success.


  • The beauty of the business is in building your own cupcakes. Which makes it a perfect place to patronize with picky eaters.
  • If you’re the indecisive type, the shop has weekly theme sets of cupcakes, which it announces on its Facebook page.
  • Hours are limited: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekends.

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5 thoughts on “Frost Cupcake Bar (CLOSED)

  1. I made a visit to Frost Cupcake Bar in Lebanon recently and was VERY disappointed. First of all, they have their hours listed nowhere so I kept swinging by until, finally, they were open after noon. I visited around 3 pm and all but a handful of cupcakes were sold out, not leaving a very large selection. One customer even walked out while we were there because of this. My mom kept ranting about paying $3.00 for a cupcake, especially after we discovered that the “design your own cupcake” was merely a choice of 3-4 toppings and a number of that day’s frostings which didnt look very appealing in their pastry bags just slopped around. The word “Bar” in the store’s name led us to believe that, after reading customer’s could “design their own”, it would be much like Orange Leaf with an actual buffet of frostings and toppings. While the cupcakes were moist, there was A LOT left to be desired in the professionalism, product, pricing, and experience. I really don’t think this shop will last long. I will not let any of my friends or family waste their time or money here.

  2. Good product but very inconsistent hours. Have driven all the way there on 3 occassions they have closed early or opened late.

  3. I have to say they have a large variety of cupcakes i counted 7 and they change every week. I love to eat them. I have been to both locations. Hours do vary but what i understand unlike others is that some flavors are high demand and you have to get their first thing. Once they have sold out they close for the afternoon. They have a website that you check the flavors of the week that are posted on Tuesday morning not only that but they have a telephone to that you can call ahead. I think their cupcakes are by far the best and take alot of time to create.

    1. I think a lot of people are having trouble with the lack of concrete business hours, which is unfortunate. Frost routinely closes and hour or two before its posted hours, and you really have to follow their Facebook to know for certain. It seems like they may need to be making more cupcakes each day, as consistently as I have seen this to be a problem.

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