Commentary: Fast foodie

Capital City Half MarathonSo, in case you haven’t noticed, Another Food Critic has been a little inactive of late.

The site’s as popular as it’s ever been, actually, but I’ve got to admit I’ve done a little less food reviewing; I used to have a new review for you every other day, but after eight months I took to a little extra weight, unfortunately.

Enter the 2012 Capital City Half Marathon.

About 200 miles of training runs later, I ran the 13.1 mile distance, my first half-marathon and the first time I’ve run 13 miles at once, this past Saturday. At 2:43:07, it’s not a performance to be proud of as running goes, but isn’t overcoming the obstacle the most important thing? Anyway, there will be more races for me to run. But seriously; eating out so often had been taking its toll, and I’m proud to say I’ve dropped about 25 pounds since I committed to running my half marathon.

My message to you, my friends, is perspective! It’s a great adventure going to all these new restaurants, but neglecting the important things of your health is definitely not the right way to take life. I jumped into this site with a passion and a fervor, and now I’m looking back on what has worked, what needs improvement, and how I can continue to write the best reviews. For you the reader, this is good news! I’ll be redoubling my efforts to find the healthier and more complex dishes local restaurants have to offer. After all, anyone can fry something and make it taste good, right? The artistry and the skill comes from creatively delivering the flavors in a healthy and holistic way. I’ll be seeking more places and dishes that excel in that way (though my sweet tooth sometimes can’t be beat, I’ll admit! Look for a brand new review of a cupcake place tomorrow.)

In the meantime, I’ll definitely be continuing to bring you the most comprehensive reviews for south Ohio’s tastiest restaurants.

Thanks for all of your continued viewership! We’re definitely just scratching the surface of the tastiest places this state has to offer.

-Tristan, Another Food Critic.


5 thoughts on “Commentary: Fast foodie

  1. Nice Job Tristan!
    Getting healthy, running a 13 mile marathon (which you finished so who cares about the timeI You finished!!!), and being honest with yourself. Looking froward to your next post, whenever you do it!
    Love, Mama Bob-o

  2. Great job Tristan! I completed the CapCity this past weekend (alas not with an impressive time of 3:26, but DID IT NONETHELESS!) The experience was amazing! I dropped 35 pounds in an effort to do this and it was an amazing experience. I gave up fried pickles, wings, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, all my favorites, but have re-introduced them in a healthier way at home! Baked not fried, smaller portions, healthier sweet treats! Keep up the good work! I look forward to following your blog for healthier fares in the Dayton and surrounding area as I live in the area!

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