Insomnia Cookies

27 North Court Street
Athens, OH 45701

With locations at about 20 northeastern college campuses in the United States, Insomniac Cookies is a business with a simple mission: it sells cookies. At all hours of the day. Yes, like any quality college food place, Insomniac is open until about 3 a.m., and it delivers late into the night. Unlike the typical college place, though, Insomniac doesn’t seem to be doing this in order to appeal to the drunk kids with big appetites; instead, it’s apparently out to appeal to the drunk kids with a sweet tooth.

So, there is essentially no interior dining room save a stool or two, and there is also basically nothing on the menu other than a few dozen kinds of cookies. It’s a neat idea, in theory. On the menu are all the basic types of cookies; peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip, snickerdoodles and sugar cookies. All of these are pretty universally standard. Yeah, they’re delicious, but a cookie is a cookie. They’re better than what I could bake myself, but they’re about the same thing as what you can buy in any store. We’re not reinventing the wheel here or anything.

There is a smaller menu of premium cookies, though, which are twice the price and twice the size, and they’re a little more creative. Most of these are topped with a combination of a few delicious ingredients like marshmallow, chocolate chunks, caramel and peanut butter. I really do like these, and they’re refreshingly creative. All told, I get that a place like this is really just out to make a quick buck. It’s not about the artistry of the food, and it’s not about creativity. That said, it’s absolutely unremarkable as a result.

Flavors to try: The s’mores premium cookie is outstanding. Really, any of the premium varieties are worth a try.

Insomniac Cookies on Urbanspoon — Athens, Ohio
Insomnia Cookies on Urbanspoon — Bowling Green, Ohio

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