Ashley’s Pastry Shop

21 Park Avenue
Oakwood, OH 45419

One of the many friendly little shops that line Oakwood’s streets in central Dayton, Ashley’s Pastry Shop seems to fit right in with the other houses and tiny offices along Park Avenue. It’s quaint, it doesn’t jump out and demand attention, and it just seems about as friendly as a little shop can get. The pastry shop just exudes classiness; the shop’s website professes a passion for details, and every sweet and delicacy in the windows and the cases attests to a business which prides itself on the little things. Fortunately, that rare level of passion just makes this place all the better. The pastry shop offers a specifically diverse range of doughnuts, muffins, cinnamon rolls, muffins, cakes, and breads. Really, just about anything that can be baked is produced in a down-home variety here. There are cheesecakes and wedding cakes, shortcakes and simple basic iterations. The cake here is great; it’s not as sweet and so decorations like icing and fruit adorning the cake dominate the palette. The cheesecake has this same pleasant taste; it’s not overwhelming and in fact carries a more subtle taste. It’s masterful how the basic items have such a muted flavor to make the other contents of the pastries taste that much better. The other items on the menu are equally impressive; the brownies are chocolatey and the frosting is sweet in all the right ways. It’s got the taste of fresh fruit; I honestly think this is the best icing I’ve had in Dayton. The fruits in the pastries are also great; with a sweet syrup it’s refreshingly pleasant to taste real fruit. It’s not very often a bakery with such a diversity of things on its menu can still pull this off. The service in Ashley’s Pastry Shop is exceptional. The ladies who run this shop really have just the nicest way of doing things. There are so many things in the shop to try, it’s overwhelming at first to narrow down. What’s more, the place has a lot of items you don’t assume it will from the outside, so it can be confusing too. Fortunately, the attendants and bakers are patient, and more importantly, they’ll gladly make something to order if you have a request. Which is just fabulous. What’s better; all of the goodies are actually pretty inexpensive. It’s a shame that Ashley’s Pastry Shop isn’t downtown. I would probably have missed it if I hadn’t been looking for directions online. It’s a good thing, too, because this place is truly and Oakwood gem. Give it a try. Recommendations

  • Consider getting a cake from these guys. I haven’t tasted their wedding cakes yet, but take one look at the unbelievable decorations and you’ll be a believer.
  • Also consider the cupcakes, which are very tasty and offer some delicious flavors.
  • There isn’t any seating and only a few benches outside. It’s a nice place to visit but you’ll have to get your goodies to go.

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5 thoughts on “Ashley’s Pastry Shop

  1. It’s very unusual for a small bakery to produce such a wide range of products and do it all in house and from scratch. I’m curious if the owner specially told you that they make everything from scratch and in house? The web site says “baked fresh daily” on most items, with the exception of the cakes which says “baked from scratch”. Baked fresh daily does not necessarily mean the product is made in house and from scratch, merely that the product is finished off by the bakery. I love locally produced baked goods but I also like to be certain of what I am getting.

    1. Toni,
      Let me introduce myself..Theresa Hammons, owner of Ashley’s. To answer your question…our items are ALL baked on premise. Our staff begins working at 11:00 each evening and we run or production schedule 18 hours per day Monday thru Saturday. We are so fortunate to have the BEST staff of employees that have been with us for over 25 years. There are many days, I ask how can we get all this done, but together we do. If you are interested please stop by, introduce yourself. I would love to show you the magic that takes place in our shop. The one common statement we here so often from our quest is…the SMELL is heavenly, fresh baked aroma is something you can’t buy in. The terms we use baked fresh daily means just that…from mixing to baking to finishing off. The term baked from scratch refer to Ashley’s not using cake mixes. I hope this answers your questions. I welcome a visit. I love letting people know what makes Ashley’s special…our staff, our great customers and our commitment to provide quality baked goods to the Miami Valley residents and give back to our great city and charities in this area..we call home–Dayton. Theresa

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