Extra Ordinary Burgers

4482 Glengarry Drive
Beavercreek, OH 45440
(937) 7431-1242

A classy fast food and bar-hybrid at The Greene in Beavercreek, Extra Ordinary Burgers caters to shoppers at one of Dayton’s highest-class establishments. People come to The Greene to shop and socialize; there are a lot of different kinds of food here. Extra Ordinary, however, truly lives up to its name with delightfully simple, creative, and out-of-the-box food. It’s a bar and a restaurant, but the place seems to attract a wide variety of people, from moviegoers to shoppers and lounging Daytonians of all kinds.

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Extra Ordinary Burgers trades speedy service for a higher-quality product. Its modest-sized menu of about 20 or so burgers and grilled chicken sandwiches, gravitates toward creative, unusual flavors:

  • Lone star burger: This burger is topped with a sharp cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, a sweet barbecue sauce and crispy onions. For a western-style buger it’s got all the savory you can handle.
  • Gobble burger: A turkey burger, which is a bit lighter, topped with cheddar cheese and a cranberry mayo, with veggies. A great lighter fare.
  • Portobello burger: The vegetarian option and one of the better portobello burgers in town. This one is topped with caramelized onions and red peppers. But what makes it great is a spicy chipotle mayo.
  • EO Sliders: Three small burgers with cheddar and crispy rings best to try a few kinds of sauce.
  • Santa Barbara burger: A combo of Monterrey jack and a guac sets this slightly spicy burger up for success. The secret sauce knocks it out of the park.


The sides are every bit as delicious. The fries come in several tasty varieties; garlic fries, herb fries, Parmesan fries and classic varieties. You don’t hear of those kinds of seasonings on fries often; and they are every bit as tasty as they sound. It’s such a simple thing, but it’s a great addition. Moreover, the sauces EO Burgers offers complement these incredibly well. Many of the burgers are served with a house barbecue sauce and a chipotle mayo; the restaurant not only has extra on hand in dispensers, there are also a mango sauce and a cholula mayo (based on the hot sauce.) I truly with other burger joints were so forthcoming with their delicious secret sauces.

The atmosphere of EO Burgers is outstanding. It’s got a two-part interior, with one side more of a sports bar and the other like a restaurant. In some businesses this design is kind of cheap, but the clean and modern take on both parts of the business make it enjoyable. The people are particularly pleasant too; even on a Friday night, and even when they aren’t tipped employees. It’s great to see a small business bringing such passion. You’ll want to pay this place a visit.


  • Don’t worry about the bar/restaurant dual setup. The two are pleasantly separated just so families can enjoy a meal while a group of friends can enjoy drinks and a game.
  • Make sure you know the hours of the place before heading in; the kitchen closes early while the bar isn’t running as late as others nearby.
  • Sorry, but I’d have to advise avoiding the food if you’re looking for something healthy.

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One thought on “Extra Ordinary Burgers

  1. First Time eating at EO’s,”Glenn ” the manager was very gratful my daughter & I stopped in while being in town for a 50th Surprise Birthday Party.. EO’s, FOOD IS EXCELLENT.. don’t think about fat food JUST ENJOY .. Sliders..Sweetpotato Fries, Pumpkin Shake it was all so great even the Family we were with….. THANKS GLEN, hope to be stopping by soon.. Bonnie

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