Bravo! Cucina Italiana

2770 Miamisburg Centerville Road
Dayton, OH 45459

With over 40 locations throughout the central and eastern United States, Bravo! Cucina Italiana is an upscale, semi-fine dining experience offering classic Italian cuisine in a friendly and lighthearted atmosphere. The restaurants are few and far between – typically even the largest cities have only one. But what Bravo! does not posses in market saturation, it certainly makes up for with delicious flavors. It’s an upscale place to take a date or a family, and the restaurant chain’s colorful, elaborate restaurants can frequently be found around major shopping centers and upscale commercial districts.

Bravo! offers a plethora of Italian dishes with custom, house-made recipes. Many of these are prepared in wood-fired ovens, making them delicious and giving a distinctive flavor rarely seen among domestic Italian places. The delicious signature dishes include dishes such as eggplant parmesan, veal Marsala, Chianti-braised ravioli and beef gnocchi. The delicious selection definitely shows a mastery of pasta dishes and meats alike; I am continually impressed.

  • The pizzas, which of course are well-known and comfortable food for most people, show a delicious authenticity; with the very basic margherita pizza featuring sliced tomatoes and basil topped with fresh mozzarella.
  • The lasagna, also a very basic and familiar dish, is an excellent layer-cake of pasta, tomato sauce, cheese and meat.
  • Cacio e pepe: This simple roman dish of pasta, peccorino Romano cheese and a cream sauce is a favored choice for the carb lover. Salty and cheesy and peppery all to the core.

Especially if you’re an aficionado of Italian cuisine, there are a lot of things to try. Top if off with dozens of wines and a delicious choice of excellent desserts such as creme brulee and tiramisu, and you have all the makings for the ideal night out for a couple or a family.

The atmosphere of the place is great; the restaurant atmosphere is a sort of playful faux-Roman set with plenty of arches and columns. Each interior has a complicated decoration which leaves some areas in a wide open space and others in cozy, hidden recesses. Overall, it’s very comfortable. Prices are on par with a higher-caliber causal dining place, and though service can be very slow during rush times, overall I think Bravo does a great job in creating a fun and interesting dining experience, especially when it is often competing against larger and more expansive chain businesses for diners. Go for a visit.


  • There is an extensive children’s menu while adults can enjoy very fancy wine and dessert menus. The restaurant is definitely a versatile atmosphere where a lot of groups would be comfortable.
  • There is an order online option before you head in on the restaurant’s website. It will expedite things a little if you’re coming in during the busier hours. Catering information is available online, too.
  • I suggest starting with the signature dishes; the pastas and pizzas are great, but Bravo! shines brightest with these unique Italian recipes.

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