Young Chow

20 West Stroop Road
Kettering, OH 45429

A quick Chinese takeout place at the busy Far Hills/Stroop intersection in central Dayton, Young Chow is simple and to the point. The food is quick, the restaurant is small and the place is always busy. The flavors here are simple and good By the way, this business is apparently unrelated to New Young Chow Restaurant in Springboro to the south.

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The menu is extensive. Young Chow has an ambitiously diverse number of chicken, seafood, beef, and pork. There are also a variety of vegetable and lo mein dishes and a few more unusual dishes. Among them, the “box specials” which are generally fried seafood with french fries. There are also “twin special” and “combination plate” dishes with two main courses and rice. Oh yeah, and then there are 36 “chef’s suggestion” dishes. In fact, there are well over 200 items on the menu. Wow.

Oftentimes, such a large menu is the bane of a business; the lack of a specialty makes everything kind of subpar. In the case of Young Chow, though, absolutely not. The chicken dishes are crispy and the sauce is perfect.  The seafood tastes good. It’s simply a matter of variety here; and to be honest a lot of the things don’t sound that difficult to make for a seasoned cook.

Unfortunately, Not all of the dishes are a success, and not all of them are consistently good. Fried items are sometimes overcooked and burned. Sometimes the sauces are runny or too sweet. I’m sad to say the food isn’t consistent enough to be above average.

Service is decent; the people are helpful in the restaurant (though they can sometimes be confusing on the phone, as they prefer not to give prep times or prices) but the restaurant itself doesn’t seem that attractive. It’s crammed into a strip mall and only has a few tables, which are sometimes dirty or filled with raw ingredients and boxes. Kind of strange. At the same time, the portions of food here are immense. Easily two meals per dinner order. Lunch is very cheap, and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth if you order it for dinner.

In  short, Young Chow is a good place for Chinese take out, and that’s really all it’s aiming to be. This place isn’t trying to be a fancy restaurant, it’s not really even trying to be a dine-in place. I’m not sure it would do well if it attempted to be anything else. With that in mind, it’s worth a try.


  • There are coupons available at Young Chow’s website. If you call and ask about them, they’ll be applied to your order without having to be printed out and brought in.
  • The lunch specials are significantly cheaper than the dinner options. They’re also served with soup or an egg roll.
  • There’s next to no space in the restaurant to dine in, so I’d suggest getting your order for pickup.

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One thought on “Young Chow

  1. I have been coming to this place since they opened in the early 90’s……it has always been pretty filfthy! In my opnion, they serve up the best Hot & Sour Soup and General Tso’s Chicken. The Crispy Chicken in Garlic Sauce is absolutely addicting. Filfthy place, but I haven’t gotten sick off of it!

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