Esther Price Candies

269 North Main Street  
Centerville, OH 45459

A popular Dayton-based chocolatier founded in 1926, you probably know Esther Price Candies by the gold boxes clad in red bows which seem to turn up in every area store. Esther Price makes a million boxes of candy per year at a Wayne Avenue factory. The candy has spread to 87 stores, including six retail locations spread around Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. The chocolates are sweet, creamy and diverse in type. Esther Price produces just about every kind of chocolate you could imagine, and it’s regularly packed ahead of Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day.

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Ester Price has a very sweet chocolate; sweeter than most big brand chocolate and even some of the other chocolatiers in the area. The dark chocolate is sweeter than average as well.

  • Chocolate turtles: are particularly popular here, the chocolate is generously coated over nuts and caramel for a decadent creation.
  • Chocolate-covered potato chips: It sounds outrageous, I know, but they’re actually pretty good. I’d just recommend a lot of moderation. Ester Price does gift chocolate extremely well; chocolates range from $10 boxes to give to $100 party centerpieces. Mints, truffles, pretzels, you name it. Esther Price will cover it in chocolate. The chocolate covered cherries and caramel pecans are also some of the most popular.
  • Chocolates box: Dark and white chocolate candies are on the menu too, and most of the milk chocolate creations have white and dark equivalents. These, too are good.  Dark chocolate cream-filled are my favorite, but even with the added sweetness, I don’t think it goes well in quite as many sweets as Esther Price is pushing; only biggest fans of the candy will appreciate that. There is also a substantial selection of sugar-free chocolate. Always good.
  • Hot chocolate: All of the varieties are good of this beverage, which largely relies on the nicer milk chocolate.
  • Bourbon cherries: That deep, bourbon cream and dark cherries are a fantastic complement to the sweet chocolate.
  • Beer brittle: I tried this unique collaboration between Esther Price and Warped Wing Brewing Co. Yeah, you taste that beer pretty strongly! Just the right level of sweet, and it will give you beer breath.
  • Cherries jubilee: This take on the wonderful cherry dessert has chocolate-covered cherries suspended in a delicious, sweet glaze. Chocolate, milk and dark all in the same box. Rich and decadent.

The huge variety of chocolates is great, and on top of that there are a few other novelty items to be found. There are chocolates for every occasion; corporate gift baskets and chocolate bars customizable with your company logo, wedding chocolate favors to send to invited guests, Ester Price really seeks to be the go-to place for specialty chocolate.

All told, this is a great chcocolate business with a unique flavor to its candy. While other companies have sought to expand their businesses to include candies of many other kinds, Esther Price has kept the one item on their menu as a central focus. The people are friendly, the prices are reasonable, and all told you’ll have a lot of reasons to leave this place with a smile on your face.


  • The chocolate is prepackaged and perfect for gift giving, as $10, $15, and $20 boxes of assorted chocolates come quick to give.
  • If you’ve got a serious sweet tooth, this is the chocolate for you. There aren’t any accentuating flavors to it; it’s just very sweet.
  • Hours are typically limited for the retail stores. Check the schedule before heading in, or else consider the limited options at area grocery stores.

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