Timmy’s Wok

784 Loveland Miamiville Rd.
Loveland, OH 45140

Timmy’s Wok of Loveland, Ohio (which is apparently unrelated to restaurants of the same name in Hamilton and Dayton) is a small Chinese place for a small suburban Cincinnati town. It’s also a relatively recent addition, coming as the growing 275 corridor area has grown from a remote forest to a residential and commercial suburb of the city. Designed for fast, friendly and affordable takeout, Timmy’s Wok tends to cross my mind whenever I’m driving through Loveland. Is it good enough for a detour? Maybe. Just maybe.

So, Timmy’s Wok is a tiny little restaurant which most definitely does 90 percent of its business as a takeout location. The food comes very quickly and is boxed in plastic. I’m not really sure if they even have real dishes here. Anyway, for all of that effort, the food here is great. The star of the show here is clearly the rice. Timmy’s Wok serves up very tasty bowls of it with loads of vegetables and meats. These are very much meals of their own. While the ingredients remain relatively simple, the end result is no less delicious. The end result is everything you’d like in Chinese; fast, filling and cheap.

The other dishes at Timmy’s Wok are pretty good too. The appetizers are good and simple; creamy crab Rangoon and crispy egg rolls being the two main staples. My complaint with these lays primarily in how greasy they are. It leaves a noticeable weight in your stomach. That great crispness comes at a higher calorie count, for sure. The main course dishes are the same way; the General tso’s chicken, ever the popular dish, is seemingly diminished here because it’s often soggy enough to lose its crunch and its so greasy sometimes it looses a little palette appeal. Unfortunate indeed because the raw flavor makes Timmy’s food otherwise irresistible.

The service is great, and the people are always courteous and friendly. Over the years I’ve come back here a number of times, and the same nice family is always running the place. Prices are great too, for the amount of food you get. It’s refreshing for me to taste a place like this; so often quick and cheap Chinese sacrifices serious quality and taste. The food here is good or great, and it definitely has replay value for me. Even in a growing town like Loveland where competition is clearly on the rise, this place has a stick-to-your ribs quality that you just won’t be able to get off your mind.


  • The fried rice dishes are Timmy’s Specialty. Don’t be afraid to pick up a bowl of the rice as a meal by itself.
  • Timmy’s Wok is a restaurant, but the business is clearly designed for takeout, as dine in amenities are limited. That said, they make their food extremely quickly.
  • Prices here are definitely competitive, and I think it makes for a convenient and economical lunch or dinner.

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