Milano’s Atlantic City Subs

1834 Brown Street
Dayton, OH 45409

When I first spotted Milano’s Atlantic City Subs, I was certain it was a chain, so I avoided it. The place is clean, colorful, and very commercial looking. Only later did I make the pleasant discovery that Milano’s is a successful Dayton-based sub restaurant opened in 1969 near the University of Dayton, and which has only recently expanded to three locations in the Dayton area. It’s an exciting startup, and I’m sold on its delicious potential.

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Milano’s is sort of an unusual mashup of a casual dining place and a bar. You don’t expect subs and mixed drinks to go together well, but apparently it’s been in demand at the University of Dayton. I’m not so sure how well it meshes, but the food is outstanding. The subs are heavily seasoned with pepper and spices to make them burst with flavor. They’re packed with vegetables and cured meats; its altogether a great sub. Everything is fresh and crisp. There are more than subs, though, and a small Italian selection is also available, including pizza, calzones, spaghetti, lasagna and ziti.

The sides are great too. The default sides are packaged chips, but I’d recommend trying something else. There is a tasty chili Milano’s is well known for, and the soups of the day are outstanding. Above is a great southwestern tortilla soup. It’s spicy, savory and piping hot. The food at this place is definitely quality stuff. Not what you’d expect from a place that originated as a college kids’ eatery. The prices are a little above average for sub places, but the quality of the food speaks to that.

The atmosphere is interesting, as I previously stated, but it’s a little disconcerting; lowlit and with bright lights, sports television, and those little screens at tables with drinking games. If the place were foremost a pizza place, this would make sense, but Milano’s does not market itself foremost as a bar. I didn’t even know it was until I walked in. Not the type of place you’d expect to find good Italian food. It’s a little strange.

The service is good. Unfortunately things take a little longer to get to your table, but the people are friendly and they do make it worth the wait. All in all, I would say Milano’s offers great food and I definitely can appreciate how the place has been able to expand to new places with its business model. I just think it could use a little revamping of its image to make it feel a little more comfortably for


  • The subs are great, well seasoned and spicy. Definitely a good lunch hour meal.
  • The environment is a little strange; its a bar that serves non-bar food. I’d suggest bringing out a younger crowd of friends.
  • Definitely try the soups and salads; they’re much tastier than the plain chips served with the subs.

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