Lexi’s on Third

100 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43015

It’s a newer addition to downtown Columbus’ restaurant selection, but Lexi’s is an aggressively-marketed, colorful and convenient eatery which seems to be growing in popularity among the metro lunch crowd. The place is a fairly simple Americana -type restaurant of sandwiches, burgers, salads and the like. Opened only in winter 2011, Lexi’s has a casual, quick and very bright concept perfectly suited to the downtown atmosphere. It’s a breakfast and lunch place exclusively, but nonetheless makes for a pleasant experience.

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The basics of Lexi’s aren’t terribly groundbreaking; bagel sandwiches with lunch meats, burgers and fries, and french fries. That doesn’t mean they aren’t great though; in fact they’re outstanding.

  • Ham & Cheese: The sandwiches are delicious; with just enough meat and toppings to fill your stomach, but not too much to make you feel bloated. Savory, filling, and just right for lunch.
  • Breakfast special: Six bucks! Six bucks for all of this! How does this exist on Cap Square!
  • Cole slaw: Creamy and sweet, just right and not too bitter. It’s a great complement to the saltier and heavier sandwiches served alongside.
  • Fries: The fries are crunchy, salted, and good with ketchup. I’ve had better fries, but they will do.

The prices for the average dish are a little above average, but there’s a pleasant advantage in that many have multiple sizes and some can be served with healthier alternatives. I do like them, but I’m not so much a fan of some of the unusual things on the menu. Yes, I like patty melts, they make sense in a sandwich shop. Gyros, though? Not so much. Asian and Greek salads? It’s a little bit of an insult, I think, to say your sandwich restaurant can casually branch into ethnic cuisine like it doesn’t take any skill. There are plenty of specialty places in this city to try these things. Avoid them here.

With that one limitation, I highly recommend this place. The service is great, people are friendly and food comes in a decent amount of time. It’s an ambitious concept, opening right downtown definitely takes some courage. For Lexi’s, though, I’d say it pays off extremely well. I like this place because it’s friendly and convenient and the food is great. It’s pleasant and establishes itself from its competition with a unique flavor and a distinct atmosphere. If you’re up for something new in downtown Columbus, Lexi’s is where it’s at.


  • Lexi’s is open early for breakfast and the lunch crowd makes up its peak times. Though the place seems to advertise a “happy hour” special, the doors seem to close pretty quickly after 5 o’clock.
  • Sandwiches and sides are great in the restaurant, but despite its appearance things are great to-go.
  • There are salads and gyros? Yes, they may be convenient, but there are better places around town for these specialties.

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