1200 Brown Street #125
Dayton, OH 45409

The product of recent college graduates Zach and Josh Weprin and Stephan Harman, FUSIAN embodies a success story many a restaurateur should seek to emulate. The aggressive young build-your-own-sushi business opened its first location in Cincinnati in 2010 and won the young entrepreneurs numerous accolades before appearing in Dayton for their second location in October 2011. The restaurant is sleek, modern, and most importantly progressive — taking a traditional and finessed dish and making it modern, approachable and relevant for a younger college kid generation. Sushi is a healthy food which has grown in popularity in the United States, and FUSIAN is absolutely outstanding.

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The business features a walk-up stand where you can custom build a roll of sushi, and is absolutely perfect for introducing a new person to the obscure sushi concept. If you’re squeamish about eating the seaweed wrap, soy wraps are available. If you’re uncomfortable with crab or raw fish, there is steak; there aren’t any reasons you’d be uncomfortable with the dish when it can be made with all-American ingredients. It’s also a great way for sushi enthusiasts to give a try to a new kind of roll or to custom make a brand new roll. My highest complements.

The sleek and modern atmosphere is perfect for college students and older crowds alike; it’s clean and with a classy decor. It’s spacious and maintains the large crowds who filter in for lunch well. The best thing about it, I think, is that it’s just so unassuming. The Weprins, both of whom I have spoken to, indicated the business was founded as a way to break down the “traditional” sushi model — and I agree. Often you have the choice between cheap, store-bought sushi and dining at an upscale ethnic restaurant where some rolls are $20 apiece and feature extremely exotic ingredients. For the average person, sushi has at times been completely unapproachable. In its radical and simple redesign of the sushi stereotype, FUSIAN has broken down barriers and made a new kind of cuisine available in Dayton. One remark, though, sushi is about all that is on the menu, so if you’ll never be willing to try it, this place isn’t for you.

Service here is outstanding. The owners of the restaurant work themselves on the line making sushi for customers, and are extremely approachable people. Employees have always been pleasant people, and I have no complaints about service. All in all, I hope to see FUSIAN expand and grow. It’s got ambition and introduces a new perspective on its food that you simply can’t find at other places. This place has my highest recommendations.


  • FUSIAN is best at lunch when the quick and casual nature of place make for a convenient meal.
  • I especially recommend trying this place with people unfamiliar with sushi — it will be a pleasant introduction to the dish.
  • FUSIAN has few items other than sushi on its menu. Just keep that in mind.

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