Cafe Napolitana

40 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Downt0wn Columbus is awash with lunch options. The hundreds of thousands in the high rises above High Street daily prowl the city’s central district, and everyone’s looking for something different. Among the many options is Cafe Napolitana, which daily fills with people of all kinds who are craving a New York City-style pizza by the slice. Columbus apparently has its own pizza style, a trend which the Cafe bucks quite successfully.

Cafe Napolitana

New York Pizza is in a category all its own. It’s over-sized and covered with toppings. You may be able to eat half a pizza in other towns, but with pizza of this magnitude, one piece is a meal, provided of course you fold it correctly. Cafe Napolitana’s most common sale is relatively simple iterations of this very pizza; according to owners, people most commonly get a slice with pepperoni, sausage or cheese. It’s fast, simple food and doubtless a filling alternative to the other, more expensive things to try down the street. As of this writing I have never been to New York, so it’s hard to compare this pizza to everything else, but I sampled the very unique White Pizza slice. Topped with a mountain of mozzarella and feta cheese, it’s overwhelming at first – almost an overload of flavors coming at you at once. Like New York City, I imagine.

Great pizza aside, the cafe also serves a number of other tasty Italian items, pastas, subs and salads. There are a few options if you come here with friends but aren’t in the mood for pizza. While I wouldn’t call it a top-notch downtown Italian spot, I don’t think you’ll get a bad meal here. It’s a very simple, successful quick-Italian type place.

Service is pretty good. The layout of the restaurant is a little confusing and the accommodations for dining in aren’t very comfortable, but that’s not a big deal. On the other hand, the coupons you will find for this place are insane. It advertises outside its door with a sign for discount pizza. It advertises on its website coupons for discount pizza. I think it’s even put ads in the newspapers. If you’re looking for a cheap, basic, filling lunch then you’ll pretty easily be able to score a great deal here.

In all, it’s nice to have a place like Cafe Napolitana right downtown because even as pizza places go, it’s exceptionally convenient. There’s definitely a need for more pizza-by-the-slice places downtown, and Cafe Napolitana occupies the niche extremely well.


  • By far the most popular thing here is the basic New York slice with a topping or two. But there are a lot of other specialty pies and items which are also worth a try.
  • Naturally, the pizza is amply packaged to go, but this stuff is even more convenient because of its design; no mess.
  • There are special deals advertised outside the store, on its website and in print that will significantly discount your pizza. You should absolutely take advantage of them.

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