Acropolis Gyro Palace

5328 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43214

High Street in Columbus has hundreds of restaurants, and among them you can find just about anything in the world you like. Far to the north, in the Worthington-Clintonville commercial area, you will find Acropolis Gyro Palace, a fast and casual Mediterranean food restaurant combining the very delicious Greek foods with the convenience of a drive through fast food type of place. Of all the ethnic foods you’ll find around Ohio, Greek food seems to have best converted itself from a foreign delicacy to a common, convenient and quick lunch item. Acropolis does a great job integrating those strengths into a good restaurant.

Gyro and fries

The food is definitely aimed at being convenient. The delicious gyros are filled with lamb meat and vegetables on a toasted flatbread. It’s delightful. The Gyros even come in different sizes, and no matter how big they get, they’re outstanding. It’s hard to go wrong with a gyro, though. I love them. There is a problem in that the food is so greasy though. No matter how well you wrap it up, it will somehow spill grease into the bag and on your clothes. For that, the convenience can easily be lost.

The fries are great, and seasoned with Greek spices instead of simple salt and pepper, which gives them a distinctly ethnic twinge. It does bother me, though, that some of the menu seems a little too Americanized. Why do they serve hot dogs? They don’t have anything to do with Greek food. Some of the menu leaves me a little confused as to whether this place is a Greek fast food restaurant, or a place that just sells quick things and Gyros happen to be one of them. To diversity its menu, the place could work to make other Medeterranean dishes, like kebabs and kofte, a little more down to earth. They’re $20 dishes only found at fine dining establishments, and maybe something could be done to emulate them and make them more affordable? It’s certainly better than a hot dog.

The service is good, and the people are friendly, though again this is more of a fast food place than a full-service restaurant. What’s better, the place seeks to be cheap too; there are a lot of coupons on its website that make bringing a group there increasingly cost-effective.

In all, this is a nice little local fast food restaurant with an ethnic menu heavily which is heavily Americanized. I would suggest if you have never eaten Mediterranean food before, this place would be a great introduction to it.


  • Take full advantage of the coupon menu on the restaurant’s website; you’ll be surprised by how much money a click of the mouse will save you.
  • Also keep in mind the drive through window makes Acropolis extra convenient for quick stops.
  • The gyros are obviously the best items on the menu, but you might want to eat them on a plate.

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One thought on “Acropolis Gyro Palace

  1. Quick comment on the acropolis menu issues described on this review. The reason Acropolis serves hot dogs and polish sausages, is to offer families or groups a little bit more choice for that extra person who does not like greek food or is too intimidated to try it. The hot dog section is not there to confuse anyone. They are not the main item and not the mainly advertised ones but the acropolis does a great job with the Vienna Beef portion nonetheless.
    As far as adding some more ethnic dishes, their menu already includes the kebabs which you suggest, both chicken and beef versions, both very popular. Lamb Chops, seafood kebab etc are just a few more other specials that are offered from time to time. Dolmathes (stuffed grape leaves) is another popular homemade dish, avgolemono, hummous, spanakopita, rice pudding (rizogalo), baklavas, greek salads, calamari, tzatziki, falafel and so many more. So I am not sure where the comment of heavily americanized menu derives from. Just wanted to point this out. Thanks!

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