The Suisse Shop Bakery

2119 Polaris Parkway
Columbus, OH 43240

One of Columbus’ many fancy cake shops, The Suisse Shop makes a lot of different kinds of cakes, ranging from wedding specialties to more common cupcakes and birthday pastries. Classy and elegant, this is the type of specialty cake place that gives a good name to the popular cake makers on television. They’ll make a very pretty cake, and one look at their website has me sold. The place will make a fancy cake.

The basic cake is great, what is used in the standard varieties has the perfect level of sweet and moisture in its consistency. The cake is a good base to build off of, and of course this makes an easy strength on the menu. Where I do have a concern, though, is the icings on the cakes. The basic icing is very tasty, but it does have a flavor which I don’t think holds up well. The icing is buttery, almost too buttery. In fact, the longer it is out the more it just tastes like margarine. Unfortunately it sort of ruins the premise of the rest of the food, and you’re left at a loss. One part of a dish can really make or break the entire experience, and The Suisse Shop is an example of that. Unfortunately, whether that means this place is above the rest or below the best depends on the situation. It’s inconsistent.

The environment is nice, the people are nice and the prices are fair, so otherwise it’s a pleasant bakery to visit. In fact, if they got the consistently good baked items down, the place would be exceptional. My concern is just that the treats can sometimes feel a little too much.

Flavors to try: The cupcakes are excellent and certainly worth a sample, even if you try the miniature ones.
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