Grandad’s Pizza

1418 Morse Road
Columbus, OH 43229

There are plenty of pizza places in central Columbus. At any one place inside the belt, you’re probably in range of half a dozen different deliveries. With three locations in central Columbus, Grandad’s pizza runs in a large pack: It’s a delivery-only business making economic pizza primarily in working-class neighborhoods. With so much competition, the place still manages to stand out. Cheap pizza is a dime a dozen, but Grandad’s Pizza will stretch your dollar while piling on the toppings.

So I suppose there is a “Columbus-style” pizza which is remarkably similar to St. Louis-style pizza. It features a very thin crust with square-cut pieces. It’s the standard for native pizza places in town, and it allows for less crust, more toppings and overall a cleaner eating experience. The place totes its affordability as the key to its success; indeed the locations seem to coincide with some of the most densely populated areas of town. But you give this pizza a taste and you will be wowed. It sacrifices nothing in quality while seeking to cut costs.

The toppings are good and the vegetables are tasty. They may not be fresh, but they are complimented with some very good other flavors. The sausage is outstanding, I don’t know if it’s made in-house or if it’s some kind of local fare, but it’s like nothing I’ve ever tasted; uniquely sweet but with a fiery aftertaste. The marinara sauce is some kind of special blend that is extra sweet. I don’t generally like marinara sauce, but this stuff is something worth mentioning. I also sampled the breadsticks, and though they aren’t particularly stunning (they’re actually sub buns covered in cheese) they are at least creative. This place seems to roll with money-saving ideas, but they work out so well you will still get plenty of flavor in your food.

Service is good. Obviously a carryout place can’t really be judged on its workers’ people skills, but they will get your order out quickly, no matter how many other orders they’ve got. They seem  to manage things very well, and relatively speaking they make and maintain a great product.

In all, this place holds its own well against the many other pizza places in town. It offers a unique pizza and seperates itself from the competition not just with a bare-bones business model, but with extra-packed pies topped with quality ingredients. I would contend that Grandad’s Pizza has proven itself not just as a gimmick or a poor man’s paradise, but as a competitive business with a very tasty product, which is worth your business.


  • This is a carryout-only business. It would probably be best to get it delivered, as there is limited parking on-site for pickups.
  • There are always plenty of coupons and promotions associated with the business, and you should definitely check to see what the deals of the day are.
  • Don’t just come here for pizza; the menu has several other things to try as well.

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