Connections Café (CLOSED)

Editor’s note: As of 2019, Connections Cafe is closed.
7007 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43085

Along High Street in north Columbus, Connections Café is an interesting find. It’s part of a local hotel, but seems to be advertised as an independent restaurant. Yes, it has a small bar, a clean dining room and a decent variety of sandwiches and burgers on its men. But make no mistake, this place is not the experience you’re looking for in a good restaurant. One stop is all you need to know you want to avoid this place as a dining destination.


Burgers and sandwiches make for a great menu in a restaurant, but not when they’re clearly just spare room service food. The burgers come with about the most artificial set of vegetables; iceberg lettuce and canned pickles? I can taste the processing and preservatives all over them, just looking at the food. The meat is undercooked, and rubbery. Yes, you can order the meat however you want it cooked, but it’s unpleasant regardless. It’s far too greasy, the ingredients aren’t fresh and the whole thing left me with a stomachache. Far from restaurant quality.

The other items on the menu are similarly unimpressive. The fries are bland and soggy. The coffee is tasteless. I can understand how I would find all of this in a hotel…if I was staying in the hotel. But I was not. You can’t slap together the continental breakfast leftovers together and call it a restaurant, and you can’t advertise such a concept as though it is designed to attract an outside crowd when that is clearly not the purpose of it. The food was very slow, which is inexplicable as we were the first group to come in after the restaurant opened for lunch. I suppose I should have taken the lack of other patrons as a bad sign.

The servers are nice, but they aren’t effective restaurant people. That is an entirely different job, and they seem to be rotations from the hotel’s front desk. More training is required for them to run the equipment effectively and serve diners. I’m not satisfied that sort of training took place, and it was wildly apparent the operation was almost amateur. You can make better food at home, be assured.

I suppose I should have known better than to expect a restaurant addition to a hotel to be of genuine quality. But there are plenty of businesses which do both well. It eliminates the idea of a corporate bed and breakfast being something to consider trying for me. I won’t even say come here for convenience. Columbus has plenty of great food to try only blocks away. When you’re making your travel plans, this place should definitely fall by the wayside.


  • There’s a small bar here but it doesn’t have a great drink selection. Go elsewhere.
  • Kids do eat at reduced rates during certain times of the day, so that is a silver lining in the cloud here.
  • Don’t come here for breakfast. Unless you are staying in the hotel. Because it’s where they serve the continental breakfast.

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