Schmidt’s Fudge Haus

220 East Kossuth Street
Columbus, OH 43206

An offshoot of the next door Schmidt’s Sausage Haus, the Fudge Haus is in every regard its very own business. It’s got a completely different set of hours, a different staff and a very delicious menu of chocolates, bakery items, and candies, made in-house along side the absolutely spectacular fudge. It’s a tiny shop, easy to overlook and oftentimes overshadowed by its famous neighbor, but it will only take one stop-in for you to realize this is a place you want to be visiting. A lot. Seriously, take a look at the photos and tell me you don’t want to eat all that stuff.

I have never seen a place with such a variety of homemade goodies. You name it: chocolate truffles, fine chocolates, lollipops, every kind of sweet you can imagine is made in-house. The fudge is literally crafted right next to the chocolates counter. It’s so sumptuous in so many ways. Everything you see on the menu. Turtle-shaped chocolate confections covered in fudge, chocolate and nuts. The chocolate selection here is one of the most diverse I have ever seen, and certainly among the highest quality craft creations in Columbus. In a district that exudes culture, Schmidt’s Fudge Haus shines very brightly. The chocolate is extremely velvety and expertly done. It’s got a bright, strong chocolate flavor and melts right in your mouth. That said, it doesn’t hold up to heat well, just a warning.

The chocolates and candies are not all the place has to offer. It’s also got a bakery of German pies and pastries. The selection is small, but the pies are great. Pecan pies, little sweets, some are made with alcohol per traditional cooking methods, some omit it to appeal to certain modern tastes. One way or another, some are big and others are single-serving sized.

The different items are moderately priced; most of the chocolates sell for about average rates compared to other chocolatiers, which is not surprising. Either way, the goodies are worth the higher prices.

The people who work here are friendly and love what they do. It’s a family business, and the helpful group seems just as excited to share their business. It’s a level of passion that just glows around this place. In a place like Historic German Village, there is a lot of friendly and tight-knit closeness in the environment. It’s a naturally attractive locale particularly so close to the city’s center.

All told, this place has perhaps the largest selection of chocolates made in-house I’ve ever seen. It’s a seriously difficult prospect to run a business like this downtown, and Schmidt’s is a stellar destination.


  • This place has the best selection of fine chocolates, candies, and fudge you’ll find in town, bar none.
  • There are also bakery items which are worth a try.
  • Just a warning: on a hot day you’ll want something cold to carry your chocolates. This chocolate is extremely quick to melt.

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