Easy Street Cafe

197 Thurman Avenue
Columbus, OH 43206

A little ways from the hustle and bustle of German Village’s main stretch, Easy Street Cafe is a lot of different things meshed into one. The Cafe has a distinctly Greek-themed menu and it operates a bar, too. It’s not easy to classify a place like this, and it brings in a definite charm. The place seems to appeal primarily to the younger population of the area with its variety of tasty foods. The place is the kind you hear from a friend of a friend…in another city. It’s something you’ll want to see for yourself.

Greek Italian Gyro & fries: $7.95

Most popular among the menu is a variety of tasty gyros with all kinds of meats and vegetables. From lamb to capicola and more, the gyros are refreshingly different from the kind you can buy on the corner. I’m impressed with the selection here, and I like the vegetables on the gyre. While they aren’t the freshest, I certainly think they add a lot. The banana peppers are crunchy and grilled just right; they aren’t spicy but they have a lot of flavor. The thing is so good you start eating it with a knife and fork but eventually demands to be eaten with your hands.

Fried items are good. There are a few different kinds of fries, and I picked the kind made in house. They’re a little greasy and could go for some salt, but otherwise decent. People seem to come here most for the burgers though, and while they’re a bit more expensive they’re also a strong option on the menu.

Service is great. The people seem to be friendly enough and the servers are very helpful and friendly. Service is definitely exceptional. The environment is mostly good, the place feels more like a bar than anything else. It’s got a decent feel and at night it likely becomes a very relaxed place to have drinks. It fits well with the quieter demeanor of the neighborhood around it, a great alternative to the higher pitch of the main stretch of German Village and the areas along South High Street.

All told, it’s hard not to like the place. Columbus had hundreds of restaurants, many of them seem to lack the creativity and inspiration this one provides. This seems to be a great place to go, with great food and a nice atmosphere, the restaurant easily impresses with the wide range of things on the menu, which is ambitious and clearly successful. I definitely suggest this as the type of place you take a group of friends. You’ll find more than one part of the menu appeals to you.


  • Go for the gyros and other Greek options. It’s definitely the strong suit of the diner.
  • There are also a bunch of breakfast options which seem lesser known on the menu.
  • The bar seems to attract plenty of young people from the area as a great nightspot.

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