Brew Du Soleil Espresso Cafe (CLOSED)

Editor’s Note: As of 2014, Brew Du Soleil is closed.
1002 East State Street
Athens, OH 45701

3 stars
Unique among Athens’ many coffee shops, Brew du Soleil Espresso Cafe is a drive-up cafe outside the city’s mall near its eastern edge. There’s nowhere to sit, and there’s nowhere to “walk in” but it keeps in business nonetheless; an immobile little building serving a wide variety of drinks. It offers service to passerby in cars as well as the weekly Athens Farmer’s Market, which plants itself around the cafe every Saturday morning. While it’s certainly not the most elaborate business, and it does not give you the chance to enjoy the coffee shop vibe, there are a lot of good things to say about this place.

Mud puddle (espresso with whipped cream): $2.50

You wouldn’t think such a little place could have such a huge drink menu, but this one does;  not only does it have the standard coffee, cappuccino, and latte menu, but it’s got a side menu of Italian sodas, cocoas, mocha, ciders, and an outstanding signature drink menu. Wow! It’s impressive to see such a little place do so much. Plenty of others could take a page from this book, there are so many good drinks to try.

As if that was not good enough, the place also sports a very pleasant, sustainable aftertaste. It uses organic ingredients exclusively and relies heavily on both local suppliers and the “30 mile club” type businesses like Crumbs Bakery and Village Bakery for its small assortment of foods. The community of Athens businesses supporting the localvore movement in this area amazes me. They’re all so tightly-knit.

Prices are pretty average for a coffee shop, and this one is packaged for convenience. It’s not unexpected. Unfortunately, hours are limited, and I see the place often closed in afternoons and evenings. While I understand how business might be slow for a place with no seating at this time of night, I have to imagine there are people in a college town who want coffee in the evening. While there’s nothing that can be done with the current business for lack of accommodations, it’s best if you try to visit earlier in the day if possible to ensure you don’t happen upon a closed coffee stand.

Service is good and people are pleasant, which is a helpful plus considering the variety of drinks and the difficulty of trying to decipher the often-difficult world of coffee menus. I’m sorry to say I was never able to head to Brew du Soleil before now, but I’m very happy to see what it is; truly a business that is making Athens a better place.


  • As a walk-up and drive-by coffee shop, Brew du Soleil has no accommodations if you want to stick around. Your only choice is to sit in a car.
  • Coffee here is organic fair trade, and it supports a lot of local businesses.
  • The specialty drinks on the menu are very impressive, however, even the basic coffee items are great.

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