Peanut Shoppe

46 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215
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The variety of places serving food in downtown Columbus can at times be overwhelming. When finding yourself in the middle of the city, you’re struck with the problem  of delicious-looking restaurants in seemingly every direction. With all of the  flash and all of the lights, it’s easy to overlook the humble little Peanut Shoppe, along High Street. The Peanut Shoppe is an old-fashioned snack stand, and in spite of its low-key nature, the place has a following. Coworkers in Columbus have been known to come here on a bad day for something sweet.


The top item on the menu, of course, is the nuts roasted in house. You name the type, it’s there. Just about any kind possible is available; almonds, pecans, cashews and walnuts. Some are seasoned, some are salted, some are served in the shell, and some are mixed with candy for trail mix. Seriously, you thought “nuts” were a snack? This place has a hundred varieties. The different nuts all have a very fresh, crisp taste about them. It’s difficult to describe, but the flavor is very vibrant in a bag of fresh nuts, as opposed to the sort of faded taste of something bagged. Fresh is always better, but in the case of nuts like these, the difference is very tangible.

There are also a large selection of candies, from chocolate pretzels to gummy worms. So much 0f it looks tasty, but as a local food purist I have to restrict my review to the things made in-house, and these things are clearly brought in from a factory.

The service is pleasant, and people are very accommodating, but unfortunately they can also be occasionally slow. In the time it takes to find the right peanut, weigh it out, and determine the price a line can form; which is probably unusual for folk accustomed to quick service. I’d suggest coming in at an odd time of the day; people frequently seem to show up around lunch or just after the hour as the craving for a snack hits them.

All-in-all, the Peanut Shoppe is a pleasant little place, and it’s got an old-fashioned feel to it you really can’t replace in more modern stores. You’ll find just about any kind of snack treat you want here, and I would certainly contend the items will make above average cookies, cakes, or anything else you want to bake them into. If you can wander over for a quick visit during the day, give it a try.


  • The roasted nuts here are perfectly designed for just about any purpose; trail mix, snacks or cooking ingredients, you’ll find plenty of varieties to suit any and every purpose.
  • There are plenty of candies and chocolates here. Though they aren’t homemade, this is probably the only shop downtown where you will find such variety.
  • Avoid long wait times by visiting at off-hour times. Believe me, this is actually sound advice.

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