Purple Turtle Cafe & Bakery

249 East Court Street
Washington Court House, OH 43160
Facebook page

Washington Court House sits a hub of transportation for central Ohio. Located in the center of the Cincinnati-Columbus-Dayton triangle, people ply through this city in all directions. With so many different kinds of people coming through the town, it’s got to have a something really unique to get people to want to stop. It’s a place like this that an unusual business like Purple Turtle Cafe & Bakery can really thrive. It’s got a very low-key atmosphere and a modern feel typical of a much larger city, and it brings out a younger crowd.

So the menu is a very simple group of drinks and two kinds of food items: pastries and … Stromboli. Yes of all the other things the coffee shop would sell, it has a couple of varieties of the Italian-ish dish founded in Philadelphia (or Spokane, depending on who you ask) which is kind of like a pizza burrito. But apparently different from a calzone.

Anyway, so most of the bakery items are coffeehouse treats like muffins, scones, and other things like that. Safe to say that these are way above your garden variety bakery items. The above is a specialty scone, which is inexplicably good. It’s filled with cranberries and cinnamon and has a brown sugar-based icing on top and it absolutely crumbles in your mouth. The little bakery items are finely executed, and I was very impressed with them. As far as the bakery goes, it’s a small but good menu of things to try. The coffee flavors are very pleasant.

The Stromboli are crunchy and there are options for a vegetarian. Unfortunately I was unable to try them. Hey, I got 3/4ths of the menu, though, right?

The atmosphere of the place is very comfortable. It’s no wonder the place attracts so many younger people, it’s got a very progressive feel to it, an attractive anachronism in a small town. It seems to do its share of bringing out lots of travelers, too, and I suspect some of them come to town specifically to visit this place. I wish the menu was bigger or it could be customized a little more, though. At the same time there are constantly new specialties to try for a week or so. Also, the place can kind of seem like a cave when its windows are covered. It’s a pleasant decor and it maintains a very intimate atmosphere, but I can’t help but feel a little claustrophobic.

All told, though, I would certainly suggest this is the type of coffee shop that is worth a visit. It keeps from seeming too pretentious all while providing a cozy place to sit and chat for a while, which is hard to find in the plains of Ohio. Very pleasant.


  • The low-key yet classy atmosphere of this place makes it a very pleasant place to come and eat. It attracts a younger crowd.
  • The bakery items are absolutely worth trying. They’re astonishingly good.
  • Check the Facebook, as there are frequently soups or Stromboli being offered for a limited time.

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