White’s Cake Box

118 East Main Street
Hillsboro, OH 45133

This review took some thought. As a White’s Cake Box advertises itself primarily as a cake shop and bakery, its two locations in remote Southern Ohio likely have little competition. The craft cakes are primarily geared toward weddings, birthdays, and parties. One peek online and you’ll be wowed at some of the cool specialty cakes they make. If you’ve been watching food TV shows, you know ridiculous, over the top cakes are all the rage these days. White’s Cake Box delivers said cakes in probably the best iterations you’ll be able to find locally.

Well, the fancy cakes are definitely a plus for the business. Unfortunately, they’re completely out of bounds to taste unless you have an appointment. While I don’t mind this (It’s not good business to have cake lying around, I’m sure the whole thing wouldn’t sell well) it’s a shame to see there is essentially no cake whatsoever for you to walk in and try. Sell little cakes. Sell cake by the slice. Do something to ensure that people can get a sample of your product before buying the whole thing. The way it’s set up now, you have to commit to at least an $18.00, 1/4 sheet cake which serves 20 people if you want to taste the cake at all. If the cake is good, people might want to stop in a slice now and then. Too bad, I guess.

That leaves the pastries and doughnuts as the only thing you can really wander in and sample. It’s a strange thing, but even with that, you can’t really sample them. When I came to visit, they were out of most everything in the middle of a weekday morning. I tried the basic donut, which was decent enough, but it lacked any distinctive flavor to differentiate from the shrink-wrapped stuff you find at the Gas station. I also tried the pumpkin doughnut, a seasonal item, to get a sample of how they do specialty pastries. Unfortunately, it didn’t mesh well. There was too much pumpkin in the doughnut, and the flavor became overwhelming and unpleasant. That’s a shame, too, because it did taste better than other pumpkin pastries I’ve tasted.

The final factor that had to be considered was the restaurant’s decor. Specifically, there really isn’t any. The place has a narrow setup with pastries stuffed along a back wall and hard to distinguish, while shelves right in front of you are either empty or poorly filled. The interior seemed dirty; there is only one table to sit at if you want to stay here and snack. The place could use a relatively simple makeover. It doesn’t really even need to cost money; just reorganize things and make them look cleaner. But until that happens, I am sorry to say I was not impressed by this place, and unless you’re ready to commit to buying a cake you may have never tasted, I’m not sure if you will be, either.
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3 thoughts on “White’s Cake Box

  1. As a local, I have to say it’s a shame you didn’t get to try the regular selection of doughnuts before posting your review. Everyone around these parts KNOWS that if you want White’s, you have to get up EARLY. They are sold out pretty much every day before most people are even out of bed. That is how good these doughnuts are 😉

  2. The owner uses pillsbury cake mixes, lol. That is why there are no samples around. The previous owners dream has been highly let down by the new one…

  3. I feel sorry for you because you chose to base your opinion on simple doughnuts. Her cream horns are fresh made with cream, not lard, ans they never last when she makes them. Perhaps if you would have rolled into her store at 7 or 8 in the morning instead of 10 or 11 you would have found something to enjoy. Her filled doughnuts are found throughout Hillsboro and the surrounding areas to purchase at local gas stations and are much better than anything shrink wrapped that a mass production line could put out. I agree, cake to sample would be nice but it isn’t practical in small town America. Most venues would prefer a scheduled tasting even in the city. Perhaps you take the time to go back and try again…. long Johns and cream horns are excellent. Again I will agree her decor is dated, in fact it looks exactly like it did when I was purchasing pastries 30 years ago. You would be depriving yourself of a hidden delight if you just walk the other direction the next time you are in Hillsboro… or better yet…. keep on going and leave them to those who know she has nothing to prove!

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