Gresso’s Pub & Grill

961 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43206

Right at the heart of Columbus’ Brewery District in German Village, Gresso’s Pub & Grill is one of many pubs along the brick street serving up drinks nightly and burgers all day long to locals out for a night on the town. While the bar, which is built into an old house, looks almost strange with its flashing lights and decor, it’s actually a very nice bar and restaurant with regular deals attracting the younger population living in the area. The extra steps it takes to try to distinguish itself, however, are completely lost when they are not done carefully.

All-American Burger: $8.99

When you walk in, the waitresses take the time to introduce themselves and ask your name. Well, that’s nice but apparently they missed the boat with me the first time I came in, since during the rest of the experience they called me by my dining partner’s name (and gave us each other’s bills.) It would have been nice if this was done correctly, but it left a bad taste in my mouth and stung of artificiality. It’s definitely nice that they have attempted this idea but it has to be done correctly to work to the advantage of the business.

The burgers and dishes are decent; while I liked the flavor of the side items like sweet potato fries (which are served with a divine brown sugar and butter mixture) I wasn’t as impressed by the burgers themselves, which are supposed to be the stars of the show. The meat is cooked well and there are plenty of vegetables and other things to top them off, but the burgers end up tasting a little bland. Top it off with bagged taco salad lettuce being used atop the burgers, and you get an unimpressive offering. What’s worse is they seem to be relying on bagged potato chips for a side. I can buy those at a store. I wouldn’t come to a restaurant for them.

Service is inconsistent. I was left waiting for a very long time on the first visit, practically forgotten on the porch, and by the end of it I had waited almost 45 minutes between getting orders in, getting the food, and then the bill. On return things tended to be better, but regardless it’s a shame to see a place toting itself so highly to sort of fall on its face in the attempt.

While Gresso’s totes itself as a place “where memories are made,” I’m not sure it’s the right kind of memories I find there.


  • There are nightly deals, often for $5.00 dinners and drinks on weeknights. For best results, go for these cheaper options.
  • During good weather, the outside patio is a great option because the geography of the area keeps things pleasant in the evenings.
  • The crowd here seems to be a young professional and post-college one. It fits the demographic of the region pretty well.

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