Crimson Cup Coffeehouse

4541 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43214

Crimson Cup Coffeehouse is actually the product of the Crimson Cup Coffee and Tea distributor, a roastery which since 1991 has been making coffee for shops across the United States. Today almost 4oo coffeehouses in 28 states use products from Crimson Cup…but there’s only one coffeehouse. Unfortunate, really, considering how great the coffee is here. Crimson Cup has a modern feel and a colorful atmosphere which makes it a great place to spend some time studying or just enjoying some time to yourself. It’s nice to see a brand as successful as this one open a place for people to enjoy its product.

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  • Coffee: Crimson Cup’s in-house coffee is outstanding. So good, in fact, that it is hard to compare to other coffees. The different beans are cooked smoothly and produce a perfect flavor; all coffee and no smoky or burned flavor other shops often use. As a result, the coffee has a light but strong taste to it that makes it so enjoyable. I’m somewhat temperamental about my coffee because I don’t like the burned taste which makes it more bitter. Crimson Cup makes an excellent cup, before the cream and sugar are involved.
  • Pumpkin Caramel Pecan: The shop often has a seasonal item and for the fall it offers a “Pumpkin Caramel Pecan” drink that is just about as pumpkin-flavored as I can imagine. It’s sweet and very coffee flavored, but with just enough pumpkin spice to make it shine.
  • Latte: A simple delight, strongly frothy with that milk but a less sweet aftertaste. Nice to sip for awhile.

The shop offers no food, but it does have some excellent baked goods from local bakeries, which are scrumptious. Though they aren’t made by the same folks that brew the coffee, they are an excellent complement to the drinks at the coffeehouse.

The atmosphere of the shop is very pleasant. It’s got a distinctly red-themes modern feel, with new furniture and tables to sit at and an outdoor patio, and all of it gives an impression of upscaleness and comfort. It’s the type of place you could stay at for a long time. I like the chairs and couches, though I would warn the high-tops are aren’t a comfortable place to settle in for a long time. Regardless, the place seems to appeal to a college crowd and in doing so makes a great effort to be casual, approachable, and inexpensive. It succeeds in all of these areas.

Crimson Cup is a great local business, and a definite highlight of the extensive High Street area of Columbus. Whether you’re and Ohio State University kid looking for a quiet nook to study, or you’re just looking for something nice to drink, this is the place to go.


  • The shop shares a building with a bank, so don’t get confused as one is often open while the other is not.
  • Consider the seasonal items, which are outstanding, especially the fall’s “Pumpkin Caramel Pecan.”
  • This is a comfortable place to come and spend a long time. It’s got a clean and upscale atmosphere yet is surprisingly relaxed.

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