Crumbs Bakery

94 Columbus Road
Athens, OH 45701

 Athens-based Crumbs Bakery isn’t a storefront business like most of the others in town, instead it offers its goodies at a variety of places around Athens, farmers markets, coffee houses and local grocery stores often carry a few things made here, including Donkey Coffee and Court Street Coffee. The bakery specializes in organic local ingredients not only in cookies and brownies, but also in pastas, granola, crackers and breads. The very appetizing list of options make this another of Athens many localvore businesses.

The selection of grains is amazing. Every basic item you can order off the menu seems to come with half a dozen distinct flavors. If you switched entirely to getting all your grains from this business, you would not get bored. In fact, it looks like your diet would expand. They don’t just do great cookies, either. The granola is good, the muffins are good. The purveyors of this place really have a mastery of baking a variety of items that seriously impresses me. I’ve never seen such a diverse range of items on a bakery’s menu, and it’s refreshing that they didn’t just make 50 varieties of cookies or something like that.

The prices are slightly elevated from what other places in town offer, but that is to be expected for a specialized product such as the one produces here. And it’s well worth the cost. I’m happy to see Crumbs starting to expand its operations to neighboring towns, and even to a place in Columbus. When you’re frequenting another of Athens esteemed localvore businesses and you see the Crumbs Bakery label, you can be sure you’re going to like what you eat.

Flavors to try: The oatmeal cookies are especially good, as are the walnut crumb muffins.
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