Tornado Potato

North Court Street parking lot
Athens, OH 45701

Unlike many of the food carts coming and going through Athens during the day, Tornado Potato does not find its home at the Court Street/Union Street intersection throughout the day in hopes of attracting the lunch crowd. Instead, Tornado Potato almost exclusively comes out at night (unless it’s homecoming weekend, apparently). And instead of Union Street, Tornado Potato can always be found at the parking lot next door to Lucky’s Sports Tavern and across the street from Court Street Diner.

The main course at this place is the titular Tornado Potato, a whole spud skewered and then cut with a specialized spiral slicer before being fried. A recent invention, the so-called tornado fries are then sprinkled with dry seasonings and then fried. It’s basically one big curly fry. It’s great, though clearly designed as a late-night stomach settler on the way home from the nearby bars. Fair food meets the weeknight in a dangerous way. Anyway, the dry seasonings are the only way to get different flavors, and I highly recommend one of the cheese versions (the cheddar and white cheddar versions were popular every time I came up, though these may change.)

Everything else you may try here is about average fair food without a lot of originality. There are pulled pork sandwiches, bratwurst, corn dogs and other things like that, which taste all right. Nothing ground breaking, though, and certainly more appealing for convenience than flavor. Overall, though, I would say not to be afraid of this place when approaching at 2 a.m. Even if you don’t like the Tornado Potato (which I don’t see why you wouldn’t) there are other things for you to try.

Flavors to try: The Tornado Potato goes great with the cheese options.
Tornado Potato on Urbanspoon

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