Fiesta Mariachi

1998 Stringtown Rd.
Groove City, OH 43123
websiteFiesta Mariachi (Columbus, OH)

As a chain of three restaurants serving the southwest Columbus region, Fiesta Mariachi Mexican Restaurant sports a lively decor and a fairly typical set of dishes for a tex-mex type of place. For all of the decor, it’s not an especially different location from everything I’ve seen in other similar restaurants. Fiesta Mariachi seems focused on making the same things as everyone else, but better. It’s got little competition in the area as far as other tex-mex places go, but I don’t think there’s a whole lot about this place you’ll find especially different.

Fiesta Mariachi - Enchalada, taco, chalupa

The side items are great, I though it is about what you would expect, almost stereotypical flavors. You can probably picture how the chips and salsa taste, which are middle of the pack. The salsa is a little runny and the chips are a little bland. The Spanish rice is somewhat bland. It needs some kind of seasoning to make it special, but without that it’s at a loss.

The main course items are similarly fairly to the point. The meat is cooked well, but it’s not seasoned well and so lacks a sense of tastiness. The same goes for the vegetables in the dishes; while they are certainly cooked well they have a blandness that comes from simply being cooked until they are done, and without anything to help the flavors. In all, this makes the dishes pretty boring. You get tired of the taste before you’re even finished with the meal. I find the menu lacking in inspiration to a fault. While I have to admit I did enjoy the flavors of the dishes like the chimichanga menu, I didn’t find anything I liked enough to keep me coming back. Discouraging as it may sound, this place seemed like the type I’d go to more so for convenience than because I had any genuine love of what they cooked.

The service here is excellent. While the occasional table in the corner can go forgotten, the people are extremely courteous and friendly, and they are very adept at bringing your food quickly. You’ll also find they will get to know you after some time and your preferences will be remembered. This is a mark not only of good management, but of people working there who genuinely enjoy pleasing the customers. I find it above average.

Fiesta Mariachi is your typical source of quesadillas, enchiladas, and the like. These things are about middle of the pack food and you’ll find them acceptable. But the food by itself won’t be what brings you back. It’s the pleasant people and inviting atmosphere which I find to be Fiesta Mariachi’s greatest strength.


  • There are accommodations for plenty of large groups here. Consider bringing friends for drinks.
  • The lunch hour is very reasonable. In spite of the rush, food generally comes out very quickly.
  • Everything here is up to par in terms of tex-mex food, but I can’t recommend anything as a specifically great dish.

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