View 162

Editor’s Note: This restaurant was previously called Stars Restaurant & Lounge but changed its name. However the concept and menu remain largely the same.
33 East Fifth Street
Dayton, OH 45402

Perched atop Crowne Plaza, one of Dayton’s central high rises, View 162, which was originally called Stars Restaurant & Lounge is easily one of the highest restaurants in the city. The penthouse eatery offers a view as picturesque as you’ll find in this town; the view from downtown Dayton lets you sight the suburbs and landmarks for miles around, allowing you to enjoy the sunrise or sunset as you dine. Sadly, the sights are all that I can find to attract me to this place. The food just doesn’t make the cut, meaning the prime real estate has become little more than wasted potential.

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You guesses right; Crowne Plaza is a hotel. While it totes itself as a luxury (and View 162 as one of its amenities) the food here does not suit the bill of a high-end establishment. It’s got a very generic menu of items on breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. None of these seem to stand out as a striking specialty. Sure, it’s nice to have such a large menu convenient when you’re in the hotel, but there’s nothing strong enough to bring outsiders into the restaurant. I fear that once again we’re looking at a hotel which has attempted to extend itself into the restaurant game with unfortunate results.

The coffee is watered down, the granola tastes boxed and in spite of the many opportunities for sandwiches and other menu items to be high-quality, they just aren’t. It’s about a step above standard hotel food, which is pretty unimpressive. Invariably there is a bar which serves drinks, but once again this seems to be an amenity primarily for hotel patrons to enjoy; there isn’t a great selection, and the prices are inflated…for your convenience.

The service is unfortunate. The only person here seeming to show any kind of spirit is the bartender, and everyone else is clearly a hotel worker pushed into waiter duty. Food takes too long to come out, which is an even further knock when it is arguably not worth your effort in the first place. As I said before, the prices of items here aren’t worth the inflation, and I have to imagine part of what you’re paying for here is not being delivered to you. This place isn’t as luxurious as it bills itself to be.

I can see the desire for business partners to come here to impress clients and coworkers with the view. I can see the hotel guests to show up if they want food without leaving the building. But what I really fail to see here is anything more than a pretty view working for Stars.


  • Admittedly the view here is stunning; I definitely suggest trying this place as the sun sets for a great view of the area.
  • I’m not a fan of the breakfast menu, and a lot of it comes off as very generic.
  • Park in the garage next door for convenience. It is by far the most convenient parking option you’ll find.

Stars Restaurant and Lounge on Urbanspoon — Under the original “Stars” name
View 162 on Urbanspoon — As “View 162”


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