Editorial: Foodies unite!

Generally speaking, the content of Another Food Critic seeks to be miles from political. Indeed, I’d like to think of this place as a place as a foodie paradise; far removed from the worries and troubles of the meddlesome “real world.” Then again, it’s nice to bring a little foodie perspective to places unappreciated. Without taking a position on the issue, Another Food Critic has something to say about corporate food and its place in Occupy Wall Street.

The protests in New York City involve a lot of things, and it’s impossible to generalize them into one unifying goal. Even so, demonstrators are bringing great focus to the stratified corporate culture of America. But as banks, manufacturers, insurance and oil corporations are disparaged, I’ve heard nothing of corporate food culture. I wanted to bring some things to light about that.

Corporate food has its ups and downs. The companies fight public wars against world hunger, but themselves get bad press for surging food prices and animal maltreatment. Occupy Wall Street seems to want to bring down the corporate bank model, but as far as corporate culpability goes, it seems there is plenty to go around for food magnates.

The only answer, it seems, is to opt out.

Another Food Critic was created with the hope to bring attention to the best hole-in-the-wall places to eat. When it comes down to it, our friend the little guy is under constant pressure from the corporate chains. Be it Yum! Brands’ 38,000 Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants, or maybe the 31,000 McDonald’s restaurants, 34,000 Subway locations or 17,000 Starbucks. It’s the credo of this entire site: Chains are weathering the economic storm at the expense of local restaurants.

There is a lot of anger out there as to the direction corporate culture has taken society. Another Food Critic has no opinion on that. But the spirit of this blog has always been to promote the small businesses, the locals, and the little guys that make the dining experiences interesting. It’s these little guys that bring a genuine, local flavor you can’t find anywhere else.

Whether you are for or against the ideas of any movement where corporate food is involved, don’t forget all the delicious opportunities you could be missing just around the corner.


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