GiGi’s Cupcakes

3800 Colonel Glenn Highway
Beavercreek, OH 45324

With 42 locations now and plans to expand, GiGi’s Cupcakes is a pretty straightforward bakery with an ever-changing menu of cupcakes. Ambitious and interesting, the company places its small stores at locations all over the country, and they churn out some very tasty confections. There are plenty of doughnut shops around the country and plenty of ice cream stores but what about craft cakes like these? It’s a nice thing to see a different kind of dessert business.

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So the cupcakes come in a lot of atypical and exotic flavors in addition to some more generic ones. Simple pleasures include “wedding cake,” a simple vanilla cake with very tasty icing, and a “peanut butter cup,” with a mountain of peanut butter icing atop a chocolate cake. Among the more exotic cakes include the “Canadian maple” which has a maple syrup flavored icing sprinkled with bacon, and “Cherry limeade,” which drizzles lime sugar and frosting over a very colorful cake.

The cupcakes are great. The cake themselves are rich, delicious and moist. The different flavors each taste very different, but the excellent basic premise of the cakes is always there, and it makes things very sweet. I love the icing, particularly because it is so rich and sweet. There might be a little too much of it though…some of the cupcakes have a mound of icing about twice as tall as the cupcake itself. It almost leads to a sweetness overload. It makes me sad to see how few other options there are for the cupcakes, too. There are a dozen or two different types of cupcakes but that’s about all; I didn’t see drinks or cakes or anything but the cupcakes. I guess it isn’t unheard of to have such a small menu, but the icing doused cupcakes get a little old, and the replay value diminishes.

Service is nice. There is a walk up counter and the people are very nice. There is also a pleasant environment, places to sit and enjoy the cupcake and even some outdoor chairs to enjoy the summer. Nicer yet, there are specials for the cupcakes, some by the dozen. There are special cards for buying ten (or ten dozen) and getting one free. It’s definitely the type of place to attract the curious but in spite of the deals I’m not quite sure the formula is there to attract a lasting customer base.

So, I like GiGi’s cupcakes enough to go back for a visit, but I wish there was more to try. While I’m sure the successful business model brings in revenue, I’m not quite sold.


  • The cupcakes are great! You might want to save the deluge of icing if you’re not into that kind of thing, though.
  • Consider getting one of the frequent customer cards if you like the place…you’ll get sweet rewards for it.
  • You might also consider getting a cupcake to go or bringing your own drinks or something…it’s just not the same without some kind of house drink.

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